Demographic profile of mBank Group clients

mBank stands out with its favourable demographic profile of clients. As a Bank actively using new technologies, mBank has always had a special appeal for younger people, who have been surrounded by technological innovations from a relatively early age. The charts below present the demographic structure of mBank’s clients and the Polish society in 2014:


The majority of mBank’s clients represent the working age population aged 25-44 (62%), while in Poland this age group accounts for 31%. The second largest group of mBank's clients are people aged 19-24, who at the same time are the least numerous age group in Poland (7%).

Among mBank’s clients there are also children and young people aged below 19, as well as middle-aged people and seniors, i.e. people aged 55+, yet these groups are relatively small (2% and 12% respectively), especially in view of the demographic situation. This is due to the fact that, despite rising popularity of accounts dedicated to young clients, many parents are still reluctant to open accounts for their children.

In turn, clients aged 55+ typically take a conservative approach to finances and technological innovations, which prevents those who do not have an account from opening one or those who already have a relationship with one bank from switching to a different bank, even if another financial institution offers more attractive products and services.

According to demographic forecasts, the Polish society is aging. Therefore, it is particularly important for mBank to enhance interest in its offer among young people and working age population, who in several dozen years, being seniors, will be the largest demographic group in Poland’s demographic structure. It is worthy to note that by 2050 people over the age of 60 will be a completely different, new generation of seniors for whom the Internet and modern technologies hold no mystery.