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Explanatory notes to the consolidated financial statements

Note 1 Information regarding the Group of mBank S.A.

Note 2 Description of relevant accounting policies

Note 3 Risk management

Note 4 Major estimates and judgments made in connection with the application of accounting policy principles

Note 5 Business segments

Note 6 Net interest income

Note 7 Net fee and commission income

Note 8 Dividend income

Note 9 Net trading income

Note 10 Other operating income

Note 11 Overhead costs

Note 12 Other operating expenses

Note 13 Net impairment losses on loans and advances

Note 14 Income tax expense

Note 15 Earnings per share

Note 16 Other comprehensive income

Note 17 Cash and balances with central bank

Note 18 Loans and advances to banks

Note 19 Trading securities

Note 20 Derivative financial instruments

Note 21 Hedge accounting

Note 22 Loans and advances to customers

Note 23 Investment securities

Note 24 Investments in associates

Note 25 Non-current assets held for sale

Note 26 Intangible assets

Note 27 Tangible assets

Note 28 Other assets

Note 29 Amounts due to other banks

Note 30 Amounts due to customers

Note 31 Debt securities in issue

Note 32 Subordinated liabilities

Note 33 Other liabilities

Note 34 Provisions

Note 35 Assets and liabilities for deferred income tax

Note 36 Brokerage Office

Note 37 Proceedings before a court, arbitration body or public administration authority

Note 38 Off-balance sheet liabilities

Note 39 Pledged assets

Note 40 Registered share capital

Note 41 Share premium

Note 42 Retained earnings

Note 43 Other components of equity

Note 44 Dividend per share

Note 45 Cash and cash equivalents

Note 46 Share-based incentive programmes

Note 47 Transactions with related entities

Note 48 Acquisitions and disposals

Note 49 Information about the registered audit company

Note 50 Prudential consolidation

Note 51 Capital adequacy

Note 52 Other information

Note 53 Events after the balance sheet date