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Consolidated statement of comprehensive income

Note Year ended 31 December
2017 2016
Net profit 1,095,070 1,222,224
Other comprehensive income net of tax, including: 16 165,219 (447,125)
Items that may be reclassified subsequently to the income statement
Exchange differences on translation of foreign operations (net) 477 422
Change in valuation of available for sale financial assets (net) 171,461 (445,422)
Cash flows hedges (net) (3,653) (2,404)
Items that will not be reclassified to the income statement
Actuarial gains and losses relating to post-employment benefits (net) (3,066) 279
Total comprehensive income (net) 1,260,289 775,099
Total comprehensive income (net), attributable to:
– Owners of mBank S.A. 1,256,749 772,157
– Non-controlling interests 3,540 2,942