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About the report

This report was compiled in accordance with the core option of GRI G4 guidelines and with the use of the International Integrated Reporting <IR> Framework. It refers also to the sector indicators described in a relevant sector supplement. Non-financial were not verified by an independent auditor. While working on the report we also took into consideration the PN-ISO 26000 standard. The report sums up all actions taken within the five year CSR Strategy for 2016-2020. The report covers the whole mBank Group, , but starting from 2017. mLocum has not been a part of the Group.

In August 2017 a workshop was held and attended by several dozen bank managers of key importance. To meet employees expectations and to ensure the widest representation of employees, the meeting took an innovative character with the use of video conferencing technology, thanks to which employees form other locations could participate in the workshop. During the workshop, conducted by and external moderator, the participants got acquainted with the requirements of integrated reporting, they worked on the business model and capital. The stakeholders map and the matrix of relevance were also verified and updated during the meeting.

Social, environmental or economic aspect Influence aspects and GRI indicators Relevance
Platforms of dialogue with clients G4-26 high
Reliable, clear and transparent communication of products G4-PR1, G4-PR2, G4-PR4, G4-PR5,
d. FS16,
Complaints G4-PR5 high
Protection of client data G4-PR8 high
Availability of financial services FS13, FS14 high
Involvement in education G4-SO1, d. FS16 medium
Being a responsible investor in the context of indirect economic, environmental and social influence d. FS1, d. FS2, FS3, d. FS4 high
Corporate culture and focus on development G4-EC5 high
Prevention of unethical behaviour G4-SO3, G4-SO4, G4-SO5, G4-SO6,
G4-SO7, G4-SO8
Own environmental footprint (electricity, fuels, office supplies, waste management) G4-EN1, G4-EN3 medium
Responsibility management in supply chain G4-EN32, G4-LA14, G4-SO11 high
Financial results high
Share price performance high


The major stakeholders are:

  • Employees (permanent employees, students and potential employees)
  • Investors (Commerzbank – strategic investor, institutional investors, individual investors, the Warsaw Stock Exchange, rating agencies and brokerage houses)
  • Clients (corporate clients, financial market institutions, companies, including micro-enterprises, individuals, the Financial Ombudsman, the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK))
  • Business partners (key suppliers, subsidiaries in which the bank holds minority interests)
  • Society the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (PFSA), the Polish Bank Association (ZBP) and the National Bank of Poland (NBP), the media).


The foundations of how we want to do business are listening and empathy allowing us to think the way our clients think and achieve better common understanding. That is why the dialogue with clients goes beyond the legal requirements and the standards adopted on the market, and we run numerous communication channels. We also use a set of market surveys and own, innovative direct customer engagement solutions.

We promote openness and culture of dialogue with employees, we engage in the employee appraisal process and we conduct and analyze the results of regular employee engagement surveys. We encourage mutual knowledge sharing within the internal program, which also improves and strengthens dialogue.

The forms and frequency of the dialogue in relations with other stakeholder groups depend on the nature of a given group and the relation itself. The dialogue using various tools is decentralized, which means that the responsibility for relations with individual stakeholder groups lies with competent organisational units and their managers.. While compiling this report we relied on the knowledge and experience of managers regarding the expectations of stakeholders.

All those who would like to find out more about our activity or share their comments and observations about the report are encouraged to contact the coordinator of CSR activities:


Monika Czajkowska

CSR Specialist

mBank S.A.

ul. Senatorska 18

00-950 Warszawa

Tel. +48 22 438 23 18