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Ethics and values

Model of values and behaviours. Always coherent

For years it has been our goal to act in coherence with the declared values. We translate them into everyday operations of the bank centred around our clients. It is no coincidence, therefore, that it was mBank that pioneered a number of solutions based on collaboration with clients.

What makes mBank unique is its genuine openness to dialogue that stems from our philosophy of doing business. It derives from five values: > client-centricity, > looking forward, > simplifying, > engagement and > professionalism that underlie the culture of our organisation and act as a driver for its continuous growth. The coherence between the declared values and our actual actions bolsters clients’ confidence in our bank and its credibility.

The detailed model of values and behaviours reflects the internal cohesion of our organisation. It governs internal relationships among our employees and between the employees and the management board. In addition, the model provides a point of reference for making decisions and shaping workplace relationships on a daily basis.

What attitudes and behaviours arise from the five values cherished by mBank?

  • Cooperation and lasting relationships forged with our clients enable us to understand their needs and provide them with the results of our work and top-notch solutions.
  • We are open to change and innovative, always looking for new, intriguing solutions that stay ahead of emerging trends
  • We are an advocate for simple and comprehensible approach to doing business and communicating with clients. This way we respect their time and strive after mutual benefits.
  • Being highly motivated and always aspiring to fully achieve our goals, we contribute to the growth of our organisation and to creating value for our stakeholders.
  • We put emphasis on knowledge and competence, which is reflected in our professional approach to work and endless quest for development opportunities.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is binding on all employees, managerial staff and members of the management board. It is mBank’s code of good practices. It defines the basic rules regarding the permitted and prohibited business and financial practices, appropriate behaviour in the workplace and social responsibility. The code governs both relations inside the company and with suppliers and external counterparties.