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mBank’s stakeholders

Who we have relations with? Our stakeholders

Major groups of stakeholders are:

  • Employees – (permanent employees, students and potential employees).
  • Investors – (Commerzbank – strategic investor, institutional investors, individual investors, the  Warsaw Stock Exchange, rating agencies and brokerage houses)
  • Clients – (corporate clients, financial market institutions, companies, including microenterprises, individuals, the Financial Ombudsman, the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK)).
  • Business partners – (key suppliers, subsidiaries in which the bank holds minority interests)
  • Society – (the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (PFSA), the Polish Bank Association (ZBP) and the National Bank of Poland (NBP), the media).

We undertake a real dialogue with our stakeholders and we do much more than is required by legal regulations. We choose methods of building relationships which are adequate to the needs of a particular group – these are both strongly formalized and indirect forms or quantitative studies. We always care for mutual benefits in relations with our partners and, regardless of their nature, for open and transparent communication.

How did we care for relationships with our stakeholders in 2017?

  • We provide and exchange information with capital market participants through the website of mBank’s investor relations,
  • we conduct regular market researches,
  • we conduct regular employee engagement surveys,
  • we conduct an employee appraisal process, including the assessment of attitudes towards clients,
  • we develop multi-channel contact with clients, which gives us the opportunity to deeply understand their needs, problems and expectations.