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Human capital

What does human capital mean to us?

Special approach to relationship with employees is part of mBank’s unique corporate culture. We are aware that it was this approach that enabled us to build the innovative and trusted brand of mBank.

Drawing on the expert knowledge, attitudes, motivation, skills, experience and competence of our employees – that is the human capital of mBank, our brand has developed the greatest potential to create value among all Polish banking industry brands (source: BrandZ Ranking 2016, MillwardBrown). We know that this translates into growing operational results. They are directly supported by the knowledge and expertise of our people.

However, it is not only specialist knowledge that helps to build a strong brand. What is equally important is the ability of our employees to develop empathic relationships with clients.

These skills are an important part of mBank’s human capital. They reflect the mission of mBank, which is “To help. Not to annoy. To delight. Anywhere.” Those relationships are underpinned by simple, open, friendly and empathic communication that also forms the basis for relationships inside the organisation and is a vital pillar of our organisational culture. What makes us stand out from the crowd are our people, the way we approach them and their unique competence.

This unique culture has helped us to build an innovative brand. Hence, it is our ambition to strengthen it further across the Group. This culture has secured us a special place in the banking industry.

How do we manage human capital?

  • Our approach to employees is based on solid foundations – a set of internal standards and regulations. The most important internal regulations that govern employment and employee management at mBank include the “Work Rules”, “Employee Remuneration Rules” and “Rules on Awarding Employee Bonuses”. They are supplemented by procedures regarding employee selection and recruitment, development activities, and employee appraisal. Policies and procedures are adopted by mBank and then by its subsidiaries. As far as the characteristics of the conducted business do not require exceptions, the same solutions are applied in whole mBank Group. We ensure effective cooperation and communication across mBank Group using the Management by Objectives (MbO) System. It focuses on solidarity objectives that foster integration and drive cooperation in mBank and across the Group.
  • We support the development of our employees. We help them to not only gain expert skills, but also pursue their passions, many of which are really exceptional. We provide them with training courses and programmes to develop their managerial, sales and communication skills. We also support social engagement of our people and help them pursue their passions.
  • We want everyone to feel welcome. We want our employees, especially those who have just joined mBank, to feel well in our organisation, know the rules we adhere to and the values we cherish. This is why new employees, including interns, undergo introductory training, during which they learn about the procedures, products, history and current activities of the bank.
  • We have a comprehensive approach to remuneration policy. At mBank we offer employees fair terms and conditions of employment, in every aspect. We want to provide our employees with a friendly and discrimination free workplace. All subsidiaries offer a very similar range of fringe benefits, e.g. we cofinance access to private medical care and to sports facilities. Additionally, employees have also the possibility of joining a group life insurance scheme.
  • We offer an attractive and innovative work environment. We strengthen motivation of our employees and encourage them to pursue their passions and interests (e.g. by joining mBank Clubs) so that they can strike a balance between their professional and private lives. We have run the “Our People Make the Difference” programme for many years now. The programme rewards employees who subscribe to mBank’s values through their actions and attitudes, whose ideas and way of thinking are ahead of their time, who show extraordinary engagement exceeding their basic scope of duties, and contribute to implementing innovative solutions.

The incentive system of mBank is based on the remuneration policy and intangible elements (e.g. career opportunities). The incentive system plays a vital role in developing our corporate culture and builds the competitive advantage of mBank as it helps us to acquire and retain the best employees.