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Manufactured capital

What does manufactured capital mean to us?

The manufactured capital of mBank comprises innovative digital systems, tools (procedures and policies) as well as our operational philosophy that accelerate the flow of knowledge and information within the organisation and to parties outside the organisation – to external suppliers and distribution channels.

mBank has been an icon of innovation in the Polish banking industry from the very beginning of its existence. Expanding into retail business, we created the first truly Internet-based bank in Poland focused around a modern, easily accessible and convenient online banking platform. Our strategy by 2020 puts an emphasis on mobile banking challenges and prospects. Being a digital bank is not only about innovative product distribution tools. The organisational structure, internal processes, approach to risk management, infrastructure, including IT systems and network of retail branches, developed in accordance with a uniform philosophy are equally important.

We know that our clients notice and appreciate our organisational efficiency. Hence, efficient operational processes are just as important as innovative products and contact channels.

What makes the organisational solutions that were rolled out and are being continuously developed in Poland special is the possibility of transferring and using them elsewhere. As a result, we have been the first Polish bank to successfully transfer its business model to foreign markets – the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In 2017 we licensed our electronic banking system to the French La Banque Postale.

The key organisational assumption of mBank is to be present in different channels and to offer products via electronic touchpoints – applications, Internet banking , chat and call centre supported by a modern network of branches.

How do we manage results generated by manufactured capital?

  • We keep optimising our structures, systems, processes and tools. We are improving our structures, centralising cost management functions, unifying systems, automating, digitalising and simplifying processes and creating process lines. We made a significant step towards digitalisation in 2017 in that we migrated the old repository containing retail banking client documents to documentation management system ECM 1.0 (Enterprise Content Management, i.e. a class of integrated systems for information resources management in an enterprise). This task, which entailed the transfer of over 30 million images, has considerably reduced the time needed to access the documents which had earlier been archived in the paper form.
  • We have implemented CRM 3.0. This system optimisation allowed us to centralise sales applications and increase sales effectiveness in the call centre.
  • We have implemented the PaymentHUB platform, thereby significantly contributing to the centralisation of all settlement systems. We achieved fully automated file exchange between the bank and the National Clearing House (KIR). We removed process shortcomings and improved effectiveness. Thus, we provided our clients with the possibility of ordering payments one hour longer than before within individual clearing sessions.
  • We have created a dedicated operation management team and launched the DigitALL programme. The team’s main task is to develop the digital back office of mBank. The team finds and tests top-notch solutions for effective process management and analyses the possibilities of expanding the platform for digital documentation management. The team members work on a range of small optimisations, which will make it possible to save time and money, reduce the number of printouts and minimise the risk of errors.
  • We are integrating our branch network – One Network. We are implementing the One Network Project to offer access to an integrated network of branches to all clients of the group. We move our branches to places with high footfall, such as shopping centres, the main streets and office parks. We are also merging our retail and corporate outlets transforming them into advisory centres located in office buildings offering access to people with disabilities.