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Business model

The clear advantage of mBank’s business model is that it combines stability and flexibility allowing the bank to adapt to changing market conditions.

In the centre of the model there is our digital DNA formed in 2000, when the first fully Internet bank in Poland was set up. It carries instructions on how to run all internal processes, develop products and tools for clients allowing them to use our services. The digital DNA is directly linked to the intellectual capital processed inside the bank. It evolves along with the regularly updated strategy, whose latest version will shape our actions by 2020.

Technology and innovations are worthless to banking if they do not take into account the interactions with people: our employees, partners and, first of all, our Clients. This element of our business model, Human Experience, is based on identifying the actual needs and designing solutions that fulfil them. It reflects the values we believe in: client-centricity, professional approach, engagement, looking forward and simplifying.

The second layer of our business model is built by solutions used to provide services to our Clients:

The above structure allows us to serve two basic groups of clients.

mBank’s corporate banking segment has the longest history: we have been serving the largest Polish companies specialising in foreign trade and export since 1986. We drew on this experience when designing an offer dedicated to small and medium-sized enterprises. At present, corporate banking solutions and products are addressed to various client segments based on annual sales. These include large enterprises (/9/ with annual sales exceeding PLN 500 million), mid-sized enterprises (/10/ with annual sales of PLN 30-500 million) and small enterprises (/11/ with annual sales below PLN 30 million).

mBank’s retail banking is currently used by more than 5 million clients. It generates over 60% of mBank Group’s income. By developing its portfolio of retail banking products and services, mBank caters for the needs of: /5/ affluent clients, /6/ micro-enterprises, /7/ senior clients and /8/ young clients. From the point of view of the bank’s development, the latter group is of vital importance. A half of our retail clients are below 35 and it is our ambition to achieve and retain the status of a bank of first choice among young people becoming adults and starting their relationship with banking.

To us, the business model described above is an element of our intellectual capital, which we successfully transfer to other markets. In 2007, the Bank launched retail operations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.