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Capitalization and performance of mBank shares

Key characterictic of mBank shares:

  • Nominal value per share: PLN 4.00;
  • Registered share capital: PLN 169,248.5 thou., fully paid up;
  • mBank shares have been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) since 1992;
  • mBank shares are part of the following WSE indices: WIG, WIG-Poland, WIG20, WIG30 and WIGBanks; the shares are also included in derivative indices based on WIG20.

Key share price data for mBank in 2016-2017

mBank share price data 2016 2017
Total number of shares 42,280,127 42,312,122*
Nominal value per share (PLN) 4 4
Registered share capital (PLN) 169,120,508 169,248,488*
Share price at closing of the year’s last trading session (PLN) 335.25 465.00
P/E ratio 11.6 18.0
P/BV ratio 1.1 1.4
Maximum share price (PLN) 393.00 487.8
Minimum share price (PLN) 268.15 338.00
Company capitalisation at the year-end (PLN billion) 14.2 19.7
Average traded volume (PLN million) 8.8 8.7
Dividend per share

*In 2017, the number of mBank shares increased by 31,995. Consequently, the registered share capital increased by PLN 128 thousand. New shares have been issued within the incentive/employee programme .

mBank shares have been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) since 1992. The closing price of mBank’s shares on the last trading day in 2017 stood at PLN 465.00 and was 38.7% higher than a year before. The company’s capitalisation increased by PLN 5.5 billion and at the end of 2017 and stood at PLN 19.7 billion. Among the banks listed on the WSE, only 3 banks performed better in 2017: Millennium, PKO BP and Alior. The P/BV (price/book value) ratio for mBank Group stood at 1.4 at the end of 2017 compared with 1.1 a year before. The P/E (price/earnings per share) ratio was at 18.0 compared with 11.6 in 2016.

The year brought very good news for the shareholders of largest companies.

In 2017, the WIG index increased by 23.2%, while the WIG-20 index gained 26.4% over that time. 18 companies from WIG-20 reported positive rates of return. The mWIG40 index, made up of mediumsized companies, went up by 15.0%, while sWIG80, comprising 80 small-sized companies listed on the main market of the WSE, rose by 2.4%. Against this background, the WIG-Banks index, which at the end of 2017 increased by 35.4% year on year, performed very well.

The chart below presents relative changes in mBank’s share prices compared with the WIG and WIGBanks indices over the last five years.

Banks Index Changes in mBank’s share prices compared with WIG-Banks and EURO STOXX Banks Index

Zmiana 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
mBank 53.40% -0.40% -36.90% 6.80% 38.70%
Indeks WIG-Banki 20.50% -0.70% -23.50% 2.90% 35.40%
EURO STOXX Banks Index 25.90% -4.90% -4.90% -8.10% 10.90%

In 2017, investors’ sentiment changed following different revelations. In Q1 2017, the share prices of banks were helped by the reduced probability of conversion of CHF-denominated mortgage loans and growing expectations of interest rate hike in Poland. In Q2, the possibility of interest rates being raised in the following quarters became significantly less likely. A decrease in share prices of banks with FX mortgages loans portfolios after August 2, 2017, was connected with the fact that the presidential bill amending the act on assistance to home loan borrowers in a difficult financial situations was submitted to the Sejm. In Q4 2017 banks’ share prices were helped by the macroeconomic situation, higher probability of dividend payouts and belief that the potential legal acts on FX mortgage loans, which the parliament is still working on, would only have a limited impact on banks’ earnings.