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Investor Relations at mBank

mBank shares have been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 1992. Since the debut on the stock exchange, mBank has paid close attention to ensuring effective communication to its investors and analysts. Open, transparent and reliable information policy builds trust and loyalty of investors.

In accordance with the information policy, mBank applies the requirements resulting from the rules related to confidentiality and information security, which it must fulfill as a public company and a supervised institution.

Investor relations are part of the responsibilities of the Analysis and Investor Relations Department which, through cooperation with the Management Board and a number of units across the bank, ensures that stakeholders receive correct and complete information about mBank Group.

Feedback from investors is the basis for drawing conclusions regarding future activities in the area of investor relations, including – the scope of information materials. We make every effort to ensure that every interested group in the field of providing information is treated with equal care and attention.

Meetings with investors and analysts

In 2017, investors and stock market analysts participated in four conferences on mBank’s quarterly performance, both in person and via the Internet. Each time such a conference is attended by around twenty representatives of brokerage houses and investors. All the meetings with the Management Board accompanying the announcement of quarterly financial figures were broadcast on the Internet in Polish and English and made available on the bank’s website.

Conferences held in Poland and abroad

Relations with analysts, shareholders and potential investors are also strengthened through meetings at conferences held in Poland and abroad. In 2017, mBank participated in three conferences in Warsaw, five conferences held abroad and organised one-on-one meetings with representatives of the Management Board for institutional investors after publication of Q1 2017 results. Moreover, the bank organised two roadshows: in the United States, and in Europe. During the year, in addition to meetings at conferences and roadshows, the bank held individual meetings of representatives of the Board and/or the Investor Relations team with investors and analysts.

Meetings with individual investors

mBank makes every effort ensuring that individual investors, as well as institutional investors, will be provided with quick access to relevant information about the company. In 2017, as part of activities for individual investors, mBank participated in the WallStreet conference in Karpacz – the largest meeting of individual investors in Poland.

Meetings with rating agencies

In 2017 two sessions were organised as part of regular meetings with the bank’s rating agencies and a number of teleconferences with the rating agencies were held.

Electronic channels of communications

  •  The website of the bank’s investor relations. The website of the bank’s investor relations ( was designed with Polish and English speaking investors and analysts in mind. It offers up-to-date and thematically grouped information on mBank Group’s financial results, shareholding structure, Annual General Meetings, ratings and performance of mBank shares on the WSE. It also includes current and periodic reports and details on consensus estimates for the Group. A dedicated interactive business intelligence application called mBank Analyzer offers a quick and easy insight into mBank Group’s financial results and business data. A dedicated section for new investors includes a factsheet and an introductory presentation on mBank Group’s operations, frequently asked questions as well as details of “Mobile Bank” Strategy.
  •  Newsletter. Analysts and investors of mBank are kept informed about important events related to mBank Group via monthly newsletters. Messages sent electronically are a supplement to the newsletter.

Awards and distinctions in the area of Investor Relations

The efforts taken by mBank to ensure the highest standards of communication are appreciated by the participants of the capital market. In 2017, for the fifth time in a row, and for the sixth time in history, mBank received the special prize “The Best of The Best” in the “Best Annual Report” contest, organized by the Tax and Accounting Institute. mBank is among companies applying the highest reporting standards. The aim of the competition is to promote annual reports of the highest utility value for shareholders and investors. Read more at: Awards and distinctions.