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Our clients

The era in which we operate

Our observations and research show that mBank’s market environment is dominated by three trends determining its present and future actions. These include: client era, mobility era and efficiency era.

Client era

The banking industry and other sectors have moved into the era of clients. Nowadays the client is in the centre of attention and efforts of any business present on the market. The most innovative market players, such as Uber or Airbnb, focus primarily on meeting consumers’ needs and solving their problems. Consequently, consumers have started to perceive special treatment, e.g. in the customer service process, as a standard practice. The era of clients means that offers should be designed to satisfy the genuine needs of clients, who, in turn, should be able to understand them and choose what is best for them with minimum time and effort. Only products and features that demonstrate practical usefulness to clients should be developed and offered on the market in the era of clients.

Mobility era

Smartphone, called by some the first truly personal computer, is the life management centre for our clients. We spend an average of three hours per day with our smartphones, while millennials and their smartphones are inseparable day and night. The recent rise in popularity of mobile solutions does not mean, however, that the market has already reached its peak. We expect that within the next few years the world will witness a smartphone revolution with mobile solutions touching every aspect of our lives and determining our lifestyles or even the way we live.

Efficiency era

Our focus on efficiency supports mBank’s profitability in times of mounting pressure on the rates of return offered by the banking industry in Poland. The return on capital entrusted by investors to an institution still remains the core measure of efficiency of its operations, being of key importance for the shareholders.

mBank has secured a good starting position thanks to its effective business model based on many distribution channels with a particular focus on electronic channels and relatively small number of brick-and-mortar branches. At the same time, we are not facing any structural cost problems forcing us to introduce cost adjustments on a scale observed in a great many other banks in Poland and abroad. Moreover, we manage credit risk in an effective and predictable manner.

Who are our clients?

We serve different client groups. It is our task to learn and name their actual needs and respond to them in the best way possible. This is why we have been raising interest in clients at different stages in their lives from adolescence to retirement. We enable them to meet their housing, consumption and investment needs and to achieve self-fulfilment through the key milestones in life.


Most of our clients are young (aged below 35) and live in large cities. They are enthusiasts for technological innovations and mobile banking . This group accounts for more than half of all our clients. We also target our offer towards Generation Z, i.e. people aged 13-24, who do not know the world without the Internet. It is our goal to acquire 500 thousand Generation Z clients by 2020.

We provide our clients with intuitive and convenient solutions that naturally integrate into their lives. These include products and services offering genuine mobile experience, which meets the preferences of our clients. Our fresh, dynamic brand has been successfully attracting new generations of consumers and entrepreneurs focused on developing, acting and making their plans and dreams a reality.