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Introduction to mBank’s CSR strategy

It is mBank’s ambition to become one of the leaders of corporate social responsibility among Polish banks.

We consistently strive to achieve this goal. In December 2017, mBank was added to the RESPECT Index portfolio of socially responsible companies. It includes companies with the greatest liquidity which, at the same time, undertake socially responsible initiatives concerning the environment, community and employees. The commendation of the Warsaw Stock Exchange confirms the effectiveness of our CSR actions.

Our CSR Strategy

mBank’s key goals for 2016-2020 regarding CSR and sustainable development are as follows:

  • Building stable and long-term customer relationships – Goal no. 1: “We want to understand, respect and share the values of our clients. We want to be open. We want to think and feel like they do”.
  • Pursuing a socially responsible credit policy – Goal no. 2: “We want to be a responsible lender”.
  • Building an exceptional team – Goal no. 3: “We want to build an exceptional team, competence and skills. We want to share what’s best about us with others. We want to be unique”.
  • Limiting the bank’s environmental footprint – Goal no. 4: “We want to reduce our environmental footprint”.
  • Enhancing the mechanisms of responsible corporate management in the organisation, including supply chain management – Goal no. 5: “We want to improve our management approach”.

How do we achieve this goal?

  • We maintain continuous dialogue with our clients
    • Client’s friend. It is clients who create the best solutions
    • We are active in social media 24 hours a day
    • Poles like Messenger, so we are there
    • Tomorrow belongs to women. A series of seminars
    • Face to face with entrepreneurs. Meetings, webinars, blog


  • We survey customer satisfaction. NPS = 20.


  •  Our product communication is reliable, clear and transparent
    • How do we simplify agreements? Action Renovation


  • We ensure best quality of contact and customer satisfaction in the complaint process
    • We prevent complaints
    • Book of Quality Standards for Complaint Handling in the Corporate and Investment Banking Area (Księga Standardów Jakości Obsługi Reklamacji w Obszarze Bankowości Korporacyjnej i Inwestycyjnej)
  • We ensure security of clients and their data
    • “Be cautious online” (“Uważni w sieci”) campaign


  • We offer banking without borders
    • Trusted Profile. We facilitate contact with the government
    • BLIK
    • “You’re either like everybody else or you were born in ‘99” (“Albo jak wszyscy, albo jesteś ‘99”), “Card Battle” (“Starcie w karcie”). mBank’s offer for Generation Z
    • We are accessible for persons with disabilities
    • One Network (“Jedna Sieć”)