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Goal 3: We want to build an exceptional team…

Goal 3: We want to build an exceptional team,competence and skills. We want to share what's best about us with others. We want to be unique.

  • We motivate our team.
  • We have a comprehensive approach to remuneration policy.
  • We offer an employee benefits fund and medical care.
  • We offer development opportunities:
  • Development Days
  • Participation in various development activities and programmes
  • Access to mobile development tools –LinkedIn Learning, etc.
  • Employee appraisal
  • We try to ensure work-life balance. mBank clubs
  • We offer development opportunities to our potential employees. A dedicated programme at the University of Łódź, Young Talents Development Programme, Hack’n’go.
  • We create safe and comfortable work environment.
  • We promote the culture of openness oriented toward knowledge sharing.
  • Our people make the difference. We appreciate engagement and openness of innovators.
  • We encourage our people to share their knowledge.


  • We respect differences and do not accept discrimination.


  • We encourage employees to take part in volunteering programmes.
  • “Let’s do something good together” (“Zróbmy razem coś dobrego”) and”Let’s Run Together for Others” (“Biegnijmy razem dla innych”) programmes.
We offer employees fair terms and conditions of employment, in every aspect.

Employment and employee management at mBank are governed by the “Work Rules”, “Employee Remuneration Rules” and “Rules on Awarding Employee Bonuses”. They are supplemented by procedures regarding employee selection and recruitment, development activities, and employee appraisal. Policies and procedures are adopted by mBank and then by its subsidiaries

A. How do we motivate our team?

The incentive system of mBank is based on the remuneration policy and intangible elements, including career opportunities. The incentive system plays a vital role in developing our corporate culture and builds the competitive advantage of mBank as it helps us to acquire and retain the best employees.

We have a comprehensive approach to remuneration policy

Remuneration policy reflects an approach based on overall remuneration, which consists of basic remuneration, commissions, annual bonuses and performance-related bonuses. The amount of the variable part of remuneration depends on performance of the entire company and individual employees. In particular subsidiaries, we offer our employees a very similar range of employee benefits, e.g. we co-finance access to private medical care and to sports facilities. Additionally, employees have the possibility of joining group life insurance.

In 2017, incentive programmes were implemented at mBank Group both for the management board members and key managers of mBank Group:

  • Description of the incentive programme for the management board members may be found here.
  • Description of the incentive programme for key managers of mBank Group may be found here.

Employee benefits fund and medical care

The employee benefits fund is available to those employed for a trial period, for a fixed term, for a fixed term of substitution as well as to trainees and interns. The employee benefits fund encompasses the following:

  • It supports current employees and those who have retired, for whom mBank was the last employer. Such support is available to persons in a difficult life situation (e.g. sickness; it applies also to their immediate family).
  • In justified cases, we finance periodic medical care (medical pre-paid package) for mBank’s retired employees.
  • We grant home repair loans, holiday benefits and finance sports and recreation as well as cultural and educational activities.

All permanent employees are entitled to use the benefits fund. Any benefits under the fund are paid in the amount proportionate to the working time. Additionally, all permanent employees are entitledc to private medical care – employees employed on less than 0.5 FTE basis are offered a package with a limited range of services.

B. Development opportunities

We wish to encourage our employees to develop their professional competences and those not directly related to work. Therefore, we provide our employees with internal and external training sessions and programmes, which develop their skills and competences and extend their expertise. We also support social engagement of our people and help them pursue their passions.

It is important to us that induction of our new employees takes place in a friendly atmosphere. New employees undergo induction training, during which they may familiarise themselves with the bank’s procedures, history and the way of its operation. Before entering the premises of our company, a new employee is provided with essential information about mBank, guidelines on how to prepare for the first day of work and s/he may take a 3D virtual tour of mBank’s head offices in Warsaw and Łódź. Before the first day of work of a new employee, his/her manager is informed about this fact, so that the entire team may get prepared to welcome their new team member. We conduct various training sessions that help optimise work of mBank’s teams and cooperation of their members. We organise off-site training sessions to facilitate communication and build organisational culture.

  • At the same time, employees are sent to specialist training, courses and certified exams (e.g. ACCA, CFA, CIA, brokerage exams), postgraduate studies, MBA studies, training for legal advisers.
  • Our employees are provided with coaching and mentoring.
  • We offer internal development and recruitment consultations.
  • We share our knowledge with the use of professional tools.


Development Days

The objective of the Development Days is to provide employees with inspiration for self-development. During an event which took place in October 2017 we offered its participants more than 60 different activities, including meetings, consultations, webinars, photo sessions and games, which were hold at the same time in Warsaw and Łódź. More than 750 employees took part in all activities. Additionally, 1 thousand employees used mobile development tools, such as LinkedIn learning, HRBP, eTutor, COFFEE NOIR, Legimi and Nasbi.

Employee appraisal

mBank Group has a planning and employee appraisal system, being the part of MbO (Management by Objectives). Management by Objectives assumes that employee motivation, initiative and activity constitute the most valuable assets of the company, which have a decisive impact on the company’s performance. We are aware that employees are more engaged when they work together. Therefore, managers and employees jointly determine and negotiate the objectives and indicators of desired results as well as jointly assess their achievement. Taking into account the achievement of the abovementioned results, an employee is assessed during a face-to-face conversation with his/her manager taking place every year. The employee receives feedback from the manager about the effects of his/her work and the manner of performing tasks. The manager appreciates the employee’s strengths and identifies areas that require development. The appraisal includes also employees’ behaviours and attitudes, which are defined in the Model of Values and Behaviours of mBank Group.

Work-life balance is important to us

Our employees are offered mobile and flexible type of work, which is ensured thanks to the following solutions:

  • Flexible working hours. mBank’s employees may start their work at a predefined (by them) time, between 7 am and 9 am.
  • Lunch break. Employees may take a break from work, not counted as working time, to have lunch or run personal errands.
  • Flexible working time systems. We offer our employees the possibility of adjusting their rhythm of work to the number of their tasks and their needs by ensuring them a balanced working time system. Our employees may work longer when they have to deal with a greater number of tasks and leave work earlier the other day (or take a day off).
  • Extra days off for child care. Working parents may take two extra days off.
  • Telework. Employees may regularly work from home on two selected days of a week.
  • Home office. In 2017, we provided our employees with the possibility of working remotely, i.e. with home-office. At the time being, they may work outside the office five days a month.

mBank Clubs. We encourage our staff to pursue their passions and interests, which enables them to strike a balance between their professional and private life. Therefore, almost 20 years ago, mBank launched the activity of mBank Clubs. This initiative has been continuously developed and brings together people interested in skiing, tennis, triathlon, volleyball, cooking, board games, fishing, etc. The clubs’ members are ever more willing to get involved in charity work, e.g. take part in charity runs.

We offer development opportunities to our potential employees


Banking Talents 2017

The Banking Talents Campaign constitutes a part of the Young Talents Development Programme. It follows a multi-channel model, using both offline and online means of communication. The campaign promotes our rotational traineeship and internship during career and talent days at various universities in Poland. In 2017, the campaign’s slogan was: “Discover mBank’s Colours in Yourself” (“Odkryj w sobie kolory mBanku”), and its effectiveness has been confirmed by 1,300 CVs filed with the bank.


Each participant of the Young Talents Development Programme is assigned a mentor and an HR partner. Our trainees work on a full-time basis in various areas of the company for as long as from 6 to 12 months. mBank’s internships, in turn, account for 0.5 to 1 FTE, and take place in one area only and last from 3-12 months. Trainees and interns are hired on the basis of an employment contract. They are entitled to employee benefits. In 2017, we hired 31 trainees and 97 interns, and after the programme, we employed 18 trainees and 35 inters on various positions in mBank Group.


Our hackathon We are looking for programming enthusiasts

mBank is one of the largest software houses in Poland. We decided to exploit our potential by organising charitable hackathon Hack’n’go. It had a form of a weekend-long marathon for software developers, who developed applications for many foundations and associations. This event allowed mBank to find programming enthusiasts and make them familiar with our brand.

We create safe and comfortable work environment

We believe that the provision of development opportunities to our employees is tantamount to creating safe and comfortable work environment. The Committee for Health and Safety at Work is responsible for guaranteeing all mBank’s employees (100%) safe and healthy work conditions. It is chaired by the bank’s Head of Operations and IT and composed of representatives of several bank departments and an occupational medicine physician. The Committee is an advisory and consultative body to the management board. The tasks of the Committee include the review of work conditions in all the organisational units of the bank, periodical assessment of occupational health and safety and issue of conclusions on the improvement of work conditions.

We have equipped 10 mBank’s branches with defibrillators. In addition, we have conducted first aid training.

C. We promote culture of openness oriented toward knowledge sharing

The culture of openness arises from our values, such as engagement, simplifying and client-centricity. It is enhanced by internal programmes addressed to our employees. mBank’s employees share their knowledge with students of the University of Lodz.

We appreciate engagement and openness of innovators

We have also been running the “Our People Make the Difference”(“Wyróżniają Nas Ludzie”) programme for a long time. In this programme, we appreciate people who stand out because of:

  • professionalism of their operations,
  • collaborative attitude,
  • open communication.

The programme allows us to recognise and promote employees who subscribe to mBank’s values through their action and attitudes and are ahead of time because of the way they think. Additionally, these employees show extraordinary commitment, exceeding their basic scope of duties, and contribute to implementing innovative solutions. The “Our People Make the Difference” programme has been specifically designed to notice and find such people among 6,000 mBank’s employees and to appreciate them. The programme is addressed to employees from Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Employees are nominated for the programme once a year. Every employee may nominate an outstanding employee in seven individual and team categories, such as: Manager, Debutant, Support Team, Innovation, Product, Transaction And Top Employee. Then all employees may vote for the nominated persons. Candidates are evaluated also by the programme commission, which is composed of the representatives of all mBank’s areas and winners of the previous programme editions.

Successful employees are provided with special development opportunities, tailored for every single edition. Winners of the 2017 programme edition took part in a training-and-incentive trip to India. The trip’s main topic was empathy and the development of skills related to it.

We encourage our people to share their knowledge

An interesting element of the engagement and satisfaction survey is the possibility for employees of communicating their ideas on how to improve work or providing other anonymous feedback to the organisational units with which they cooperate. We try to encourage employees to share their views, ideas and knowledge. A great example of this principle is the “Knowledge Sharing Programme” (“Dzielenie się wiedzą”).

D. We respect differences and do not tolerate discrimination

We want to provide our employees with a friendly and discrimination free workplace.

The group’s areas for improvement are as follows:

  • Promoting paternity leaves among our employees. This idea reinforces equality between women and men in working environment and may potentially mitigate pay differences between them, as a contribution to solving this significant social problem. At the end of 2017, only 2 men took paternity leave out of 347 employees.
  • Increasing women’s participation in management and supervisory boards.
  • Further mitigation of the gender pay gap. The gender pay gap in mBank Group subsidiaries is narrowing every year. mBank S.A, mLeasing and mFinanse offer their female and male employees the most equal remuneration.

E. We encourage employees to take part in our volunteering programmes


The employee volunteering programme “Let’s Do Something Good Together” (“Zróbmy razem coś dobrego”) has been organised in a form of a grant competition since 2009. Employees can submit their projects of voluntary activities three times a year and get a grant in the amount of up to PLN 2.5 thousand. So far, mBank has financed over 100 initiatives, including 4 in 2017, in which 19 persons volunteered.


”Let’s Run Together for Others”

We also organise the “Let’s Run Together for Others” (“Biegnijmy razem dla innych”) volunteer sports programme. Members of mBank’s jogging club take part in official jogging competitions and marathons and mFoundation converts each kilometre they have run into zlotys (1 kilometre = 1 zloty). This sum of money is transferred to a charitable cause indicated by the runners. In 2017, volunteers transferred funds obtained under the programme in favour of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy).