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mBank’s Diversity Policy

For many years, we have been assuming that the diversity of employees’ features and experiences creates value added for the organisation. We do not have a diversity policy in the form of a separate document, but our approach to this issue is present in various procedures.

The principle of equal treatment applies to our bank. This means that all forms of direct or indirect discrimination are prohibited, including due to gender, age, material status, family background, physical ability, nationality, sexual orientation, political and religious beliefs and views.

We are building an organizational culture based on openness and tolerance. We make sure that every employee feels appreciated and respected and is offered career development opportunities.

We also follow the principle of gender equality in hiring, promotions or in the succession planning regarding the key functions at the bank. The procedures used at the recruitment process involves a selection method that ensures objective assessment of candidates’ skills. Every employee of the bank can be promoted to manager, if they have a relevant professional track record.

There is one woman sitting on mBank’s seven-person Management Board.

Management Board of mBank
31.12.2015 31.12.2016 31.12.2017
number of
% number of employees % number of employees %
Women 1 14% 1 14% 1 14%
Men 6 86% 6 86% 6 86%
Total 7 100% 7 100% 7 100%

There are two women sitting on the twelve-person Supervisory Board.

Supervisory Board of mBank
31.12.2015 31.12.2016 31.12.2017
number of
% number of
% number of
Women 2 17% 2 17% 2 17%
Men 10 83% 10 83% 10 83%
Total 12 100% 12 100% 12 100%

The composition of mBank’s Supervisory Board reflects the care exercised to achieve the greatest possible diversification of members, who have complementary professional experience, knowledge and skills. The Supervisory Board is composed of representatives of mBank’s main shareholder, representatives of science and business, and persons having vast legal knowledge and banking expertise.

Ours managers graduated from different fields of study in Poland and abroad, including economics, technology, IT, law, and philology and other. They have diverse experience in Polish, European and American institutions, not only financial ones and are aware of the importance of diversity. Seeing individual characteristics and deriving benefits from them are supported by thematic trainings and the Success Insights method.