mBank’s employees – their knowledge, experience, engagement and motivation – constitute human capital of our organization. Thanks to it we can generate innovations and better address the needs of our clients. Being aware of this fact we ensured that recruitment, remuneration and promotion rules as well as their management are transparent, motivating and empathetic.

The key internal regulations which govern the recruitment and management of human resources include the mBank S.A. Work Rules, the mBank S.A. Remuneration Policy and the mBank S.A. Bonus Policy.

They are complemented by procedures related to recruitment, development and assessment of employees. To the extent allowed by the specificity of their business, solutions developed by mBank are implemented in the subsidiaries. We ensure effective co-operation and communication through the Management by Objectives (MbO) System. The system focuses on objectives which drive co-operation not only within mBank but also across the Group.


Development Fridays

On the first Friday of every month, we offer diverse development activities to employees: workshops, talks, presentations, meetings, consultations. We present development opportunities available in the organisation and encourage employees to get inspired for further growth. We showcase development tools based on advanced technologies. The events promote development beyond daily responsibilities and open diverse activities for experimentation. We host most of the meetings and share our experience but we are also happy to use the expertise of third-party guests.

The project included 252 events and consultations attended by 2 880 participants in 2018.

Log on to development

The programme provides quality content supporting individual development of employees in order to improve knowledge associated with everyday responsibilities, acquire new skills (for instance, social skills including communication and assertiveness) and pursue personal passions and interests (e.g., child raising skills, leisure activities, fiction). This is how we support the work-life balance and open a space of experimentation, learning and exploration. Our employees appreciate the initiative: the average score of the programme is 9 out of 10 points.

Available content:

  • news, development materials available online on an intranet page;
  • over 20,000 online courses and additional materials in the LinkedIn Learning database;
  • ebooks and audiobooks from Legimi;
  • archives of Harvard Business Review Polska publications;
  • mobile English and German courses from eTutor.

We are currently working on an online browser of development content integrating our internal competence model. Moreover, we are planning to increase the number of webinars.

The programme changes the perception of online development tools and makes it clear for employees that regular learning divided into smaller modules is most effective. With the 70/20/10 method, we underline the importance of experimenting with new knowledge and its expansion in practice.
Dorota Weyna Employee Development Chief Specialist

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