We put special effort into building organisational culture which translates into respect and relationships in the workplace. We want our employees to respect one another and stay sensitive to what their colleagues might feel. We educate our employees what mobbing and discrimination are and how to react on them as well as who is the contact person in case such situations occurred. Measures taken to prevent and address mobbing are described in detail in the mBank S.A. Anti-mobbing Policy.

Victims or witnesses of mobbing may contact the HR Business Partner, the Ethics Officer, or the Anti-mobbing Committee. An employee who does not feel up to the task of reporting mobbing under their name may file the complaint via mSygnał. If the Anti-mobbing Committee opens an inquiry, we make sure that all those involved feel comfortable. Pursuing efforts to educate employees about mobbing, we offer training sessions and workshops in partnership with experts in anti-discrimination law.

Changes implemented in 2018:

  • The newly appointed Ethics Officer joined the Anti-mobbing Committee, which is also comprised of mBank brand representative, a representative of the Legal Department, the Data Protection Officer / Deputy Director of the Compliance Department, and a representative of the HR Department. Representatives of the sales network join the Anti-mobbing Committee as required in individual cases;
  • We have drafted a mobbing report template to let employees know what information would be required. The template includes a notice to the effect that inquiries are fully confidential. Confidentiality is binding on the Anti-mobbing Committee, witnesses, and the employee who reports the incident;

We have possibility to establish a special team even if no employee reported a complaint but there is reasonable suspicion that mobbing or similar hostile behaviour may be taking place in the organisation.

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