We support employee motivation, no matter type of employment of FTE size, through the remuneration policy as well as in non-financial ways, for instance by opening opportunities of professional development. The incentive system plays a key role in the acquisition and retention of competent human resources, necessary to build our competitive advantage.

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  • We support staff development;
  • We provide employee training and programmes which develop management, sales, and communication competences. We support employees’ social engagement, passions and hobbies, including in mBank Club sections, in order to strike a balance between professional and personal life. We have for years operated the programme Our People Make the Difference;
  • We ensure friendly onboarding of new employees;
  • New employees, including interns, undergo induction training which covers the values, procedures, products, history and current business of the bank;
  • We pursue a comprehensive remuneration policy.

We ensure fair conditions of employment in all ways possible. Group companies offer their employees a very similar range of fringe benefits, including private health care and access to sport facilities.

Our people make the difference

The programme „Our people make the difference. Help us find those special ones” rewards the employees whose engagement goes beyond everyday responsibilities, who share their knowlegde and who follow mBank Group values. The prize for the winners is a foreign development trip.


The candidates (individuals and teams) are nominated in 9 categories by mBank Group employees. The nominations are reviewed by a panel comprised of representatives of all areas in the organisation and winners of the previous editions. In the selection process, the finalists meet with the panel at breakfast or lunch. The team winners are named by the panel from amongst the teams with the biggest employee vote.

The programme acknowledges distintive employees whose efforts may not always be evident. It motivates employees to take up new challenges, and supports co-operation across different areas. Employees can use the programme to reward collaborative team members. The programme supports attitudes aligned with the Group’s values.

In 2018, the number of nominations was historically high and many more employees participated in the assessment of team nominations.

Marking bikes by muncipal guards

To protect the safety and property of our employees, we launched an initiative addressing the issue of bikes getting stolen from public bike racks. We have invited municipal guards to register bikes, mark them with special labels, and emboss identifiers on the bikes. Marking protects bikes from theft and helps to identify stolen bikes. What is more, municipal guards delivered a presentation on cycling safety.

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