All mBank clients with disabilities get a service which accommodates their special needs. Every year, we launch new initiatives to improve access of persons with disabilities to financial services. As for today, analogous actions are not run on a wide scale in remaining subsidiaries of mBank Group.

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According to data from regions, in 2018 already 126 our branches were available to the people with disabilities.

In 2018, we implemented many initiatives in this area:

  • Since November 1, 2018, clients who have accepted the processing of data concerning their disability are automatically redirected by the call centre to a qualified consultant. Clients with hearing disabilities have long been offered the option of video calls in the Polish Sign Language;
  • We enable clients to give the consent for the processing of data concerning their disability when they contact the call centre and, in special cases, use our chat or video chat. The option was previously only available based on written statements (no certificate was required);
  • We have invested in signing frames and banknote readers for clients who are blind or visually impaired, and we will install them in branches in early 2019;
  • We continue our co-operation with the Polish Association of the Deaf, which provides sign language interpreting for clients and consultants, both at branches and in video calls. We have jointly produced a video about services available to deaf clients at mBank;
  • We have implemented accessibility options for mute-and-deaf clients as well as deaf clients who do not speak the Polish Sign Language and were previously excluded from communication with the bank. Clients who have accepted the processing of data concerning their disability may place orders via our chat;
  • We have offered special in-house training for approximately 30 consultants to whom calls of clients with disabilities are redirected, as well as general training for all consultants. We have updated materials concerning services for clients with disabilities in our knowledge repository for consultants and branches;
  • The “Integration” Foundation (Fundacja Intergacja) has trained our staff in services for clients with disabilities (total of 60 employees) and in website accessibility standards (approximately 20 employees);
  • We have offered education, including meetings for deaf and hard-of-hearing young people at the Special Educational Centre No. 1 in Łódź, dedicated to electronic banking and online security;
  • As a part of the Moments of Truth Project (Moment Prawdy) dedicated to difficult life circumstances of clients, such as debt enforcement, death of a close person or illness, we have interviewed more than 200 persons with many different disabilities. Combined with other observations (suggestions, complaints) from our clients, we have developed more than 100 improvements of services for clients with disabilities;
  • We have developed a blog dedicated to disabilities, addressed to all mBank employees. It will launch in early 2019.

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