We strongly believe that mathematics provides the foundation for logical thinking and is vital to understanding the world around us. Therefore the mission of the foundation is to support children in mathematics education. In long-term horizon we contribute to improving the level of mathematical knowledge of future clients and employees of the bank.


“Maths is Everywhere”

At the end of 2017, we published our first book “Maths is Everywhere”. Dedicated to children aged 5-12 and their parents, the book was written by Maja Kramer. The book consists of over 700 inspirations of how to familiarise youngsters with mathematics through fun, showing its omnipresence. This shall make it easier for children to understand the mathematic challenges they encounter at school.

We won the prestigious Golden Banker 2018 award in the category “Socially Responsible Bank” for the aforementioned book.

In 2018, the book was handed out in retail branches of mBank and mKiosks. During our three distribution campaigns over the year everyone could order a copy free of charge, including persons who are not our clients. In total, parents ordered 107 thousand copies. Since October 2018, the book has been also available for downloading in an e-book format at www.mjakmatematyka.pl.


Long-term activity of the foundation:

Since 2014 we support financially the unusual projects introducing children into the world of mathematics under the “mPower” programme. The grants under two categories: projects for fourth-sixth graders, and for seventh-eighth graders can be obtained by primary and secondary schools, universities, NGOs, public libraries and informal groups. We strive to encourage teachers, animators, parents and mathematics enthusiasts to overcome the routine and schematic thinking when teaching math.

In 2018 a fifth edition of the programme took place, under which the foundation spent more than PLN 1 million to subsidise 185 maths programmes. What is more, on  March 14th, the Pi number day, we summarised the fourth edition of mPower in special way. During the Maths Picnic along the Vistula Boulevards in Warsaw exactly 627 people, children from schools taking part in the mPower programme and from two primary schools in Warsaw, gathered and broke the Guinness record for the longest representation of Pi.

„Masters of mathematics” is a grant project run by the foundation together with the Mathematics Education Society, which supports young mathematic talents. In 2018 we granted 59 scholarships to school competition’s winners, amounting jointly to PLN 94,500.

Within the „Summer with Mathematics” competition we grant funding to interesting workshops joining play with mathematics education, organized by NGOs, libraries and informal groups for children spending their summer vacation in Polish 6 biggest cities (Gdańsk, Kraków, Łódź, Poznań, Warszawa, Wrocław). In 2018 we supported 13 projects amounting to PLN 64 thousand. 745 children participated.

We reward young authors of the best master, bachelor and scientific papers on mathematics which promote modern solutions or indicate new directions of research methods. Rewards funded by mFoundation amount to PLN 40,000, out of which the main prize is PLN 20,000 and two distinctions of PLN 10,000 each.

In 2018, 36 papers have been submitted. Next to the financial reward, the winner receives a statue of “Stefcio” in memory of achievements of exceptional Polish mathematician – Stefan Banach.

We grant one-off financial aid for the projects dedicated to education in scope of mathematics and alike fields. Projects comprise for instance competitions and dedicated lessons. In 2018, 64 projects benefited from the grants. They were performed in 31 schools, 26 non-government organizations, 6 universities and 1 kindergarden.

Distributed funds

In 2018 mFoundation spent PLN 3,971,600.42, which represents an increase of 10.7% compared to 2017 (PLN 3,587,383.54). Apart from the programs described above we dedicated PLN 176,768.29 for regular mBank CASE seminars, run by CASE Foundation. Additionally we spent PLN 31,513.60 for social purposes indicated by the volunteers participating in the programmes “Let’s do something good together” and “Let’s run together for the others”.

Detailed information concerning all activities of the foundation can be found on the website www.mfundacja.pl.

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