In 2018, the Polish economy saw numerous phenomena that contributed to development of the banking sector and stimulated lending.

Drivers Challenges
  • private consumption propelled by favourable situation on the labour market (record-low unemployment), fast-rising household income and unflinching consumer optimism
  • active real estate market
  • low interest rates – NBP reference rate  not changed since 2015 – cheaper financing of the bank on the market and good performance of loans
  • heavy burdens imposed on the banking sector, such as the tax on certain financial institutions (so called “banking tax”) and the contribution to the Bank Guarantee Fund (BFG), which cannot be recognised as tax deductible expenses
  • new regulations (e.g. MIFID 2)
  • unfavourable conditions on the capital market
  • increasing capital buffers and curbs on dividend payment unfavourable for profitability ratios
  • negative impact of low interest rates on net interest income





Net loans


Net profit

Thanks to its unique business model and consistently implemented strategy, mBank Group developed dynamically in 2018. Total income exceeded PLN 5 billion, while recurring income reached an all-time high. Net profit of mBank Group hit record and stood at PLN 1,316.5 million.

Net profit (PLN million)

In 2018 we strengthened our position as a mobile and transactional bank. We recorded the largest share of mobile application users in the client base on the market.

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