Our business philosophy assumes conducting our operations based on five values and its consistency with our business practice builds our credibility as a driver of continuous development of the Group.

What attitudes and behaviours follow from mBank’s five values?

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Code of Conduct

mBank’s Code of Conduct is binding to all employees, managers and the Management Board. It forms the basis of internal relations and relations with external partners and suppliers. It defines acceptable and prohibited business practices, appropriate behaviour at the work place, financial rules and corporate social responsibility.

Ethics Officer

We appointed an Ethics Officer in 2018, who:

  • helps to develop ethical standards for the bank and co-ordinates their execution,
  • supervises Compliance of the bank’s activities with those standards among others by issuing opinions on motions tabled to the Management Board,
  • is responsible for making the ethics topics more populat among the employees, among others through the intranet,
  • prepares guidelines, isues opinions and supports employees in resolving ethical dilemmas
  • sits in the Anti-mobbing Committee,
  • represents the bank in the Ethics Committe of the Polish Banks Association.
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follow the intranet site about Ethics

The Ethics Officer prepares the, accepted by the Management Board, so called Lessons learnt – available for all the employees descriptions of real cases, when the company avoided making a mistake of an ethical character or corrected the mistake already made, and thus improving the standards of work basing on this knowledge.

The real or potential irregularities – breaches of procedures, internal regulations or our ethical rules – can be reported by employees and clients anonymously not only to the ethics oficer, but alsothough the continouosly developed whistleblowing app.). It can be used daily, 24h, on every computer with access to the internet. More detailed information can be found at bkms-system.net.

In 2019 we will examine the knowledge on how to deal with ethical issues among employees, among other by measuring the popularity of whistleblowing app. The ethics oficer will prepare the etihs trainings programme, tailored to the needs of particular areas. Moreover, we plan to introduce the UN Global Compact ethical standard.

As the Ethics Officer I would like the ethical aspct to be taken into consideration while making decisions by our employees on every organisational level. We learn how to talk openly about our mistakes and we strive to draw the consequences. In my work, in particular, I co-create the ethical standards and impement them in the organisations, I make opinions on motions tabled to the management board for their compliance with the ethical standards, together with the management board I provide the employees with the analysis of ethical mistakes that we have made and fixed or which we have avoided. Moreover, I make the ethics topics more polular on every level of the organisation.
Paulina Gasińska Management Board Plenipotentiary and Chief Ethics Officer

We always check whether the investment applying for financing by mBank has valid decisions and consents issued by relevant administrative bodies. We reduce the risk of our clients’ funds being involved in illegal projects, e.g. without public consultations or compensation for environmental losses.

In the case of large projects, financed by bank consortia, we employ or require the employment of a technical advisor. It secures the investment process and monitors its progress, which allows for quick detection of potential irregularities, including social or environmental ones.

Moreover, the Policy on providing services and financing to entities operating in areas that are particularly sensitive in terms of mBank’s reputation risk (in force since January 1, 2016) introduces restrictions on opening accounts and granting loans to companies, including existing customers of the bank that operate:

  • based on child labour, forced or otherwise grossly human rights abuses,
  • oriented towards economic exploitation of areas of high natural value,
  •  threatening the global cultural heritage.

Such an approach is directly in line with The Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact, to which we have been signatories since 2015.

We have also included provisions concerning social and environmental risks in the following documents:

  • mBank’s credit risk policy towards corporate clients, updated in 2018,
  • The rules for financing defence entities.

Legal Compliance

The public’s confidence in financial service providers relies on their full compliance with the applicable laws and regulations. For this reason all our plans, including new products and services, are subject to in-depth multi-step compliance review. Furthermore, we monitor expected legal amendments and prepare our organisation well ahead of time.


The importance we attach to this area and the effectiveness of our procedures are confirmed by the small number of complaints concerning non-compliance of mBank Group companies with the law and regulations in the social and economic area.

In 2018, a total of 5 cases against mBank (Financial Ombudsman, Municipal Financial Ombudsman, subpoena to a court settlement attempt and to the Commission on Banking Ethics) were filed through dispute resolution mechanisms.


We are actively involved in the activities of various associations. We are a member of both international and national organisations and regions in which we are present.

  • Česká bankovní asociace
  • CFA Institute
  • French-Polish Chamber of Commerce (Francusko-Polska Izba Gospodarcza)
  • IAA Poland. International Advertising Association IAA Polska. (Międzynarodowe Stowarzyszenie Reklamy)
  • Institute of International Finance
  • The Institute of Internal Auditors IIA Poland (Instytut Audytorów Wewnętrznych IIA Polska)
  • International Project Finance Association
  • International Swaps and Derivatives Association
  • International Trade & Forfaiting Association
  • Chamber of Brokerage Houses (Izba Domów Maklerskich)
  • The Polish Business Roundtable (Polska Rada Biznesu)
  • The Polish Association of Capital Investors (Polskie Stowarzyszenie Inwestorów Kapitałowych)
  • Polish Supply Management Leaders (Polskie Stowarzyszenie Menedżerów Logistyki i Zakupów)
  • Polish Society for Opinion and Marketing Research (Polskie Towarzystwo Badaczy Rynku i Opinii)
  • Polish National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce (Polski Komitet Narodowy Międzynarodowej Izby Handlowej)
  • Polish-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Polsko-Niemiecka Izba Przemysłowo-Handlowa)
  • The Polish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce (Polsko-Szwajcarska Izba Gospodarcza)
  • Employers of the Republic of Poland (Pracodawcy RP)
  • SBA
  • Sdružení pro bankovní karty
  • Stowarzyszenie Klub 500 Club 500 Association
  • The Polish Financial Markets Association (Stowarzyszenie Rynków Finansowych ACI Polska)
  • The Polish Bank Association (Związek Banków Polskich)
  • The Association of Employers of the Internet Industry IAB Polska (Związek Pracodawców Branży Internetowej IAB Polska)
  • The Association of Polish Maritime Industries FORUM OKRĘTOWE (Związek Pracodawców Forum Okrętowe)
  • UDVA
  • Rotary Club Warszawa Goethe (KLUB ROTARY WARSZAWA GOETHE)
  • MG13 SP. Z O.O.

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