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Financial capital

mBank’s financial capital is a pool of funding sourced from the environment: clients, shareholders and bondholders, as well as earnings generated by the Group.

Funds placed with the bank are converted into financial products and services: credits and loans, grants, factoring, leasing, investments, as well as operating activities. The safety of funds is the key aspect of capital management.

We use and manage financial capital in order to address the financial needs of our clients, create new jobs, make a major contribution to local taxes and levies, which drives economic growth.

We work to strengthen the capital position and stability of mBank Group. As a company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW), we make continuous efforts to generate shareholder value.

Key data for the financial capital

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15,216 million

Equity PLN

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102,009 million

Amounts due to clients PLN

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18,050 million

Debt securities in issue PLN

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2,474 million

Subordinated liabilities PLN


  • Cost efficiency C/I 2018: 42.8%
  • mBank Group’s net profit at PLN 1,316.5 million, up by 20.6% year on year
  • ROE net at 9.5%
  • NIM: 2.58%, +10 basis points year on year
  • NPL (non-performing loans) ratio: 4.8%, down year on year (5.2%)
  • Total capital ratio: 20.7%
  • We paid dividend of PLN 217.9 million, equal to 20% of the 2017 net profit (PLN 5.15 per share)

Capital management

which is reflected in the “mobile Bank” strategy. Efficiency is one of its three pillars:

  • We execute light and efficient digital processes
  • Our processes are designed to be fully mobile and paperless
  • We build mBank’s digital infrastructure supporting operations
  • We test best practice of effective process management
  • We constantly develop optimisations which save time and money

We develop our business by anchoring long-term growth in business effectiveness measures, in particular the cost/income ratio (C/I).

as a part of the “mobile Bank” strategy for 2016-2020; dividend payments depend on current guidance from the regulator (PFSA).

driven mainly by growing core income supported by growing loans to clients and rising numbers and activities of clients.

Human capital

mBank’s human capital resides in the expertise, attitudes, motivation, experience and competences of our employees who develop a unique corporate culture and win the trust of clients.
We focus on empathy in relations with employees and in communications with clients. With the engagement of our employees, mBank’s communications with the environment are simple, open, friendly and targeted at the needs of our partners. It is part of mBank’s mission: “To help. Not to annoy. To delight. Anywhere.”

Key data for the human capital

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FTEs in mBank Group

Artboard 90 copy 41


Implemented policies and standards concerning employees

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On average training hours per employee


  • We have appointed an Ethics Officer
  • 100% of employees undergo regular performance assessment
  • We have drafted a mobbing report template to raise the awareness of employees
  • We continue the programme “Our people make the difference. Help us find those special ones”, where the main prize is a development trip
  • We monitor the engagement score, which amounted to 54% in 2018

Capital management


  • Code of Conduct
  • mBank Work Rules
  • mBank Employee Remuneration Rules
  • mBank Employee Bonus Rules
  • additional procedures for employee selection and recruitment, development and assessment.

system which ensures effective collaboration and communication.

who build professional competences and pursue personal passions through training, as well as management, sales and communication competence development programmes.

all new hires, including interns, receive induction training which covers the bank’s procedures, products, history and current operations.

we ensure good conditions of employment, a non-discriminatory work environment, as well as fringe benefits for employees of mBank Group subsidiaries (including private healthcare subsidies, sport club passes, life insurance).

among others through mBank Clubs, flexible working time, equivalent work systems, work from home, additional 2 days off for child caretakers.

Intellectual capital

Intellectual capital comprises intangible innovative corporate resources as well as the input of our employees, contributing to our performance and market position. It is a pillar of our current and prospective competitive advantage. It includes intellectual property (patents, copyright, licences, algorithms, digital platforms and applications, other software) and intangible resources (quality standards, brand identity, client communication standards).

Key data for the intellectual capital

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1,484 k.

Application users

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480 k.

Mobile only users

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27 times per month

Average number of app logins

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Highest share of mobile clients in the client base


Implemented functionalities including:

  • Secure quick mobile payments Apple Pay
  • Video-onboarding of new retail clients on iOS and Android smartphones
  • Scanning money transfer details with a smartphone
  • Convenient mobile authorisation for corporate clients in mCompanyNet instead of entering codes
  • Process robotisation in partnership with Digital Teammates
  • Pilot programme of user behavioural verification in partnership with Centrum Bezpieczeństwa Cyfrowego
  • API-based e-commerce lending offer in partnership with Allegro and DotPay

Capital management

established in 2018, mElements provides innovative banking API (Application Programming Interface) solutions. mElements provides mBank’s API platform in compliance with PSD2; its know-how helps to provide more products to mBank Group clients.

it is the first fund in CEE to develop and commercialise state-of-the-art technology. Its technology budget is EUR 50 million (more than PLN 200 million). The fund invests in startups which later become partners to financial institutions around the world, focusing on cybersecurity, biometry, RPA, AI and digital marketing including chatbots and messengers.

In 2018, two companies joined mAccelerator’s portfolio: Bot4Business and SaveCart. The fund’s portfolio now includes 4 companies.

to make it more user-friendly and flexible. As a result, clients can easily customise the system depending on their personal needs.

in partnership with Digital Teammates. Robots have been a part of our operations since 2018, in particular in Payments, Monitoring, and Orders, where they book costs, fees and commissions, record client applications and populate client data in the processing of insurance policies.

is a key pillar of the strategy 2016-2020.

Organisational capital

Innovative digital systems, tools, procedures and policies are the key components of mBank’s organisational capital. They ensure effective distribution of knowledge and information within the organisation as well as outside (to and from suppliers).

Our organisation, internal processes, product distribution tools, risk management approach, infrastructure (including IT systems) and retail branch network are developed in line with our innovative digital bank concept. We follow a multi-channel model: we provide products via remote channels including a mobile application, an online platform, a chat, a call centre, as well as a supporting network of modern bank branches.

Key data for the organisational capital

Distribution channels:

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Mobile application
Branch network
Artboard 90 copy 25
Online platform
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Euronet, Santander Bank Polska and Planet Cash

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3.7 million in Poland

Payment cards

Artboard 90 copy 64

Offer in the “Cashless Poland” programme

Mobile payments Blik


  • Increase of the number of branches in Poland to 141 (+5 year on year), increase of the number of mKiosks to 143 (+20)
  • Personalised and customised payment cards and credit cards
  • Simple language of regulations and agreements (Action – renovation)

Capital management

mBank’s operational management relies on a state-of-the-art user interface in online banking, a new generation mobile application, video banking, as well as real-time customer relationship management (CRM) based on behavioural pattern analysis. The product offer is built around the current account with a broad range of financial services just one click away.

by implementing tools such as Blik, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

we distribute our products by means of advanced technologies which address challenges in the environment and set new trends in the Polish banking industry. Online and mobile tools combined with an extensive network of points of sale and a call centre make up the comprehensive platform of mBank client communications. With our IT platform architecture, we develop and launch new products, services and sales channels efficiently at a low operational risk.

our Operations & IT implemented the DigitAll programme to expand mBank’s digital back office.

we improve processes and products according to clients’ suggestions and feedback, reported to the CRM system during surveys.

all our activities, products and services are carefully reviewed to ensure full compliance.

Social capital

mBank’s social capital includes external relations, compliance with common standards, and the trust of our clients. Relations are a key part of our business and a key focus of our work, reinforcing stakeholders’ trust in financial institutions and encouraging clients to adopt new products and services.

The quality of relations and the extent of trust of the general public are closely linked with the bank’s operating results, which is why social capital is our key concern, reflected in our mission and values. Our clients and their needs, emotions and expectations are our primary objective. Social capital is all about trust, a currency as important as money.

We offer products and services to individuals, small and mid-sized enterprises, corporations, as well as public entities including local governments. Our social capital contributes to new business and social projects, investments and infrastructure improvements benefiting everyone. Such projects drive Poland’s economic growth, boosting disposable income of households as well as the standards of living.

Key data for the social capital

Artboard 90 copy 77

We help clients to open free-of-charge trusted profiles on the transaction platform to process official business online

Artboard 90 copy 25

We support the online filing of applications in the Family 500+ benefits programme as well as we offer the mOkazje scheme

Artboard 90 copy 96

We educate clients to improve their understanding of economics and online security

Artboard 90 copy 4

Clients can open a business and activate bank accounts and accounting services online


We are the bank partner of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (WOŚP)

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mFoundation supports education in mathematics


  • Mortgage loan sales PLN 4.6 billion
  • Non-mortgage loan sales PLN 8.9 billion
  • Volume of corporate loans up by 16.5% year on year
  • Income tax in 2018: PLN 483.9 million
  • Bank tax in 2018: PLN 401.8 million
  • mBank won the third Trustworthy Brand awards for the second time in the My Company Polska ranking for Corporate Bank Accounts and Corporate Loans
  • 107 thousand copies of the book Mathematics Is Everywhere (Matematyka jest wszędzie) distributed in a promotional campaign run by mFoundation and retail branches
  • Books were distributed at 140 retail branches and 134 mKiosks. The publication is available for download free of charge at
  • 185 completed educational projects in the fifth edition of the grant programme mPotęga
  • mBank made a historically high single donation to WOŚP at PLN 7 million, matching the donations of its clients
  • Additionally, PLN 77,000 was donated to WOŚP thanks to the initiative „The two hearts account”

Capital management

mBank develops its product offer to ensure best customer service and help clients to comply with new legal requirements as an example of client-centric initiatives, we launched a large-scale education campaign for clients in order to raise awareness of split payments introduced under the Act amending the VAT Act and certain other Acts. By 1 June 2018, mBank opened free-of-charge VAT accounts linked to all PLN checking accounts for corporate clients without annexing the agreements.

we design client-centric solutions by monitoring new local and international trends in banking and getting inspired by trends outside of the financial services industry.

this is our primary objective: we are empathetic, we survey customer satisfaction, we address the needs of people with disabilities, we simplify solutions (our communications follow the mCanon), we are engaged and professional.

Natural capital

Natural capital is our direct and indirect environmental impact, both positive and negative.

As we produce no physical goods, our environmental impact is generated by our offices and branches. We consume electricity, heat, water, and office supplies: paper and toner. We use electric equipment, which we have to regularly replace (computers, printers, phones). The extensive IT infrastructure must be cooled, which consumes electricity. Our employees travel for business using the mBank car fleet, generating fuel consumption.

We promote mobility: many banking operations may be completed without visiting a branch, which mitigates potential transportation needs of our clients.

We pursue a renewable energy sources support policy.

Key data for the natural capital

Artboard 90 copy 82

We manage printing volumes

Artboard 90 copy 85

We monitor the consumption of resources: energy, water, paper

Artboard 90 copy 41

38,270,193 A4 paper sheets

In 2018, we consumed 38,270,193 A4 paper sheets (4,061 per employee)


65,601.32 GJ

Our annual energy consumption is 65,601.32 GJ (electricity, gas, petrol, diesel)


  • we installed tap water filters in our headquarters in Warsaw and Łódź
  • we segregate the waste in Przystanek mBank – our Łódź headquarter
  • in order to reduce paper consumption we implemented 1100 new devices for an integrated printing platform MyQ

Capital management

we have implemented an integrated printing platform MyQ, which reduced the volume of accidental or redundant printing.

because we want to actively support environment-friendly technologies. The bank will allocate ca. PLN 0.5 billion to renewable energy sources. The policy supports wind energy (over 20 MW) and PV (over 5 MW) operating in the auction support scheme. Priority is given to projects whose owners and operators have experience with renewable energy sources.

about working with and lending to clients and transactions wherever we identify environmental risks.

with companies which exploit valuable natural areas of fail to comply with environmental requirements. As a signatory of the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact, we refuse to finance projects involving human rights violations, including employee rights.

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