For years mBank has been a synonym for innovative banking solutions. As Poland’s first fully online bank, we continue setting the direction for mobile banking. Being one of the strongest and fastest growing financial brands in Poland, we aspire to offer the best online banking and give our clients control of their finance, at all times and anywhere.

Our business model

mBank Group conducts business based on the universal banking model. Thanks to this, both individual customers as well as small enterprises and large corporations can enjoy a consistent and comprehensive offer. We want to be a partner and support for our customers in every aspect and moment of their lives. It offers retail, corporate and investment banking as well as other financial services such as leasing, factoring, financing of commercial real property, brokerage operations, wealth management, corporate finance and advisory in the scope of capital markets. Services provided under mBank logo are marked with different colours, depending on the target group of the offer.

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Our way of thinking about banking is shaped by digital DNA, that is in the centre of mBank’s business model. It affects all internal processes, product development and the tools through which customers use our services. Digital DNA is directly related to intellectual capital – we observe the development of technology by adapting the latest developments and moderating innovations within the Bank.

We are developing technology, but the focus of our attention is always on people and their needs. We consider how our solutions interact with our employees, partners and, most importantly, with our customers. This element of our business model – Human Experience – is based on the identification of their real needs. It reflects our values, that consist of:

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mBank’s widely recognised operational excellence is based on the state-of-the-art user interface for online banking, next-generation mobile application, video banking, as well as real-time, event-driven customer relationship management (CRM) based on client behaviour patterns. The whole product offer is centred around the current account with a broad spectrum of financial services accessible in just “one click”. This way, we implement the strategic aim of mBank to be the most convenient transactional bank on the market. Our internet platform available to clients is modern, convenient, easy-to-access and user-friendly. We have also been systematically expanding our mobile application to provide customers with the possibility of managing their finances wherever they are. Giving priority to users’ comfort, mBank regularly improves its offer and thus remains at the forefront of institutions introducing new solutions, such as BLIK, Google Pay and Apple Pay payments. mBank has been accompanying its customers in their everyday lives for 18 years now, providing a wide range of additional services based on online or mobile banking. These involve, among others, the possibility to create a free-of-charge trusted profile in mBank’s transactional platform in order to handle administrative matters online in the public administration services, and the possibility to submit an application for the “Family 500+” benefit online, as well as mOkazje (mDiscounts).

mBank’s offer includes loans, savings, investment and insurance products as well as other solutions dedicated to enterprises. The comprehensive offer makes it possible to more effectively address specific requirements of particular groups of customers. At the same time, the coherent business model in all of the mentioned areas enables clients’ to easily move between segments, which allows mBank to support their professional and personal development at all stages.

mBank Group aims to build a partnership with corporate customers, which is based on high quality relations, comprehensive advisory and a good understanding of the specifics of the business  of recipients of our products. We support entrepreneurs from the very beginning of their professional path, enabling them to launch their business with mBank online or in the bank’s branch and offering them a package of kick-off services such as financing, accounting and currency services or terminals. Big enterprises and international corporations successfully use the integrated range of commercial banking solutions, with particular focus on the advanced platform of transactional banking. This comprehensive product offer is complemented by investment banking services, such as equity capital management (ECM), debt capital management (DCM) and mergers & acquisitions (M&A) advisory services.

The Corporates and Financial Markets segment serves 23,706 corporate clients including large enterprises (K1 – annual sales exceeding PLN 1 billion and non-banking financial institutions ), mid-sized enterprises (K2 – annual sales of PLN 50 million – PLN 1 billion) and small enterprises (K3 – annual sales below PLN 50 million, full accounting) through a network of dedicated 46 branches.

mBank’s retail banking, which has been developed for 19 years, is now used by 5.7 million individual clients and microenterprises in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia online, directly through the call centre, via mobile banking and the branch network.

Composition of mBank Group and main areas of its activity


The subsidiaries of mBank Group offer a complex service for the customers and allow for processes optimisation and achieving various business targets.

The structure of mBank Group from the perspective of segments and business areas is presented below:

Segment Retail Banking Corporates and Financial Markets
Corporate and Investment Banking Financial markets
  • Retail customers, Private Banking clients and microenterprises
  • Affluent retail customers (Private Banking and Wealth Management)
  • Corporations and non-banking financial institutions (K1)
  • Large Companies (K2)
  • Small and Medium Enterprises (K3)
  • Banks
  • Corporate clients in scope
    of trading and sales
  • Market and Liquidity Risk Management

Consolidated subsidiaries
  • mLeasing Sp. z o.o. – Retail
  • Asekum Sp. z o.o.1 – Retail
  • mBank Hipoteczny S.A. – Retail
  • mFinanse S.A.
  • mLeasing Sp. z o.o. – Corporate
  • Asekum Sp. z o.o.¹ – Corporate
  • mBank Hipoteczny S.A. – Corporate
  • mFaktoring S.A.
  • Garbary Sp. z o.o.
  • Tele-Tech Investment Sp. z o.o.
  • mFinance France S.A.
    (special purpose entity reserved for financing activities of the bank)
  • mLeasing Sp. z o.o.–
    within the scope related
    to fund raising
  • mBank Hipoteczny S.A. – within the scope related
    to fund raising
Other subsidiaries
  • mCentrum Operacji Sp. z o.o. (outsourcing services provider)
  • BDH Development Sp. z o.o. (real estate management)
  • Future Tech FIZ


1mBank owns 100% shares in Asekum Sp. z o.o. indirectly, through mLeasing Sp. z o.o.

mBank Group (including consolidated subsidiaries) as at the end of 2018 was composed as presented on the diagram below. We marked in red the key entities – from the perspective of the offer addressed to customers – for the Group’s operations.

mBank is the only bank in Poland with successful track record of rolling out its online retail banking model into foreign markets.

We currently operate in three markets: Poland since 1986, and since 2007 also in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In both neighbouring countries, we started our activities with transactional products and deposits for retail customers. Then, on the basis of the created relations, we also introduced mortgage and consumer loans as well as a mobile application.

The leading role of mobile and internet banking provider is supplemented by comprehensive service in the branches. Retail branches network covers 325 various outlets whereas corporate network comprises 46 points of service, additionally supplemented by branches of mBank Group subsidiaries. We continue to expand our branches network in order to maximize comfort of cooperation with the clients. When contacting the consultants in the branches, clients can not only use products and services of mBank Group, but also install and learn to use mobile and internet banking.

Depending on their needs, our clients can take advantage of full product offering and cash services in traditional mBank’s branches. Comprehensive portfolio of more sophisticated financial products, such as mortgage loans and corporate funding, is available also in financial centres and agency service points of mFinanse. In the advisory centres, both individual and corporate clients are served, who can also use the services of mBank Group’s subsidiaries, including Wealth Management. The light branches are dedicated to distribute basic financial products and provide clients with cash services up to defined limits. mKiosks, located in the shopping malls, allow clients to familiarize with mBank’s offer, open an account and draw non-mortgage loan.

Bearing in mind comfort of our clients and best availability of our services, in 2018 we opened 25 new points of contact within retail banking network, marking mBank’s availability in smaller towns. We are the only big commercial bank in Poland expanding its physical branch network. This decision results mainly from the strategy of organic growth and a remarkable potential that we see in the direct contact with our current and potential clients.

Supervisory Board of mBank

As of December 31, 2018, the Supervisory Board of mBank was composed as follows:

  • Maciej Leśny – Chairman of the Supervisory Board
  • Stephan Engels – Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board
  • Tomasz Bieske – Member of the Supervisory Board
  • Andre Carls – Member of the Supervisory Board
  • Marcus Chromik – Member of the Supervisory Board
  • Janusz Fiszer – Member of the Supervisory Board
  • Mirosław Godlewski – Member of the Supervisory Board
  • Jörg Hessenmüller – Member of the Supervisory Board
  • Gurjinder Singh Johal – Member of the Supervisory Board
  • Michael Mandel – Member of the Supervisory Board
  • Teresa Mokrysz – Member of the Supervisory Board
  • Agnieszka Słomka-Gołębiowska – Member of the Supervisory Board.

There are four independent members of the Supervisory Board: Tomasz Bieske, Janusz Fiszer, Mirosław Godlewski and Agnieszka Słomka-Gołębiowska.

As of December 31, 2018, the Management Board of mBank was composed as follows:

  • Cezary Stypułkowski – President of the Management Board, Chief Executive Officer
  • Frank Bock – Vice-President of the Management Board, Head of Financial Markets
  • Andreas Böger – Vice-President of the Management Board, Chief Financial Officer
  • Krzysztof Dąbrowski – Vice-President of the Management Board, Head of Operations and Information Technology
  • Lidia Jabłonowska-Luba – Vice-President of the Management Board, Chief Risk Officer
  • Cezary Kocik – Vice-President of the Management Board, Head of Retail Banking]
  • Adam Pers – Vice-President of the Management Board, Head of Corporate and Investment Banking

More information about the Management Board and Supervisory Board of mBank is available in the section describing Corporate Governance.

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