Implementation of the RES support policy

Environmental protection is an important part of the mBank S.A. Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development Strategy. In 2018, mBank adopted a policy of lending to wind farms and photovoltaics because it wants to actively promote pro-environmental solutions. We expect RES projects to have superior financial parameters owing to technological development, improving effectiveness and falling prices of wind turbines, as well as sharply dropping prices of photovoltaic panels. The bank will initially provide approximately PLN 0.5 billion to RES financing. The policy supports wind energy (over 20 MW) and PV (over 5 MW) operating in the auction support scheme. Priority is given to projects whose owners and operators have experience with renewable energy sources.

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (WOŚP)

In 2018, mBank became the financial partner of WOŚP. We ensured financial security of the campaign and offered to support the Foundation’s activities with state-of-the-art technology, including 350 payment card terminals for volunteers. We doubled our clients’ donations: in addition to PLN 6.7 million from individual supporters, we donated another PLN 7 million to WOŚP.

We are planning to continue the partnership with WOŚP in the coming years.

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