Short-term outlook: mBank Group’s investment plans for 2019

The investments planned by us in the next year include, first of all, further digitalisation. We will mainly focus on the optimisation and automation of customer service processes and internal processes to further strengthen our competitive advantage. The projects will support our “mobile Bank” strategy and multi-channel approach to customer service. As a result, we will improve effectiveness, optimise costs, further improve IT security and support legal compliance.

It is our objective in the following years to further strengthen the competitive position of mBank in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, including additional customer acquisition, improved customer experience and development of the mobile application.

In 2019, we will continue many projects initiated in 2018. These include, the development of the branch network, within which we plan to open another 12 light branches, 1 advisory centre and 2 mini-centres.  Our focus, both in the near future and in the long term, is on ensuring that our business is fully compliant with all regulatory requirements.

Mid-term outlook (2020 - the time horizon of the current strategy)

Business and operations: key objectives
  • To continue the development of the mobile channel as the key channel of communication with the bank and daily financial management, combined with improvement of the online platform
  • To develop mobile solutions for corporate clients
  • To improve the mortgage lending process
  • To invest in mBank’s improved competitive position in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • To continue the automation of mBank’s internal processes and their strong digital edge
  • To engage in customer acquisition with a focus on young clients joining the banking market
  • To maintain the position of the bank of first choice for K2 clients combined with dynamic growth of the K3 business
  • To continue the co-operation with the AXA Group, in particular with respect to individual insurance products


In the mid-term horizon by 2020 we expect no major change in the market, competitive or regulatory environment. The macroeconomic conditions will remain positive for the sector and the industry may continue to consolidate. mBank Group does not rule our acquisitions but it continues to grow organically.

In the banking industry, the mobile payments segment will continue to grow dynamically. The share of digital channels in sales and customer acquisition is significantly higher at mBank than in peer banks which have historically developed distribution models based on branches. We want to provide our clients with friendly multichannel access to services following the mobility-first approach. We make best efforts to ensure that clients choose mBank and stay with us “forever” and that they are satisfied with our service and recommend us to their friends and family. mBank Group will strengthen its key competitive advantage by continuing its IT and digital initiatives to streamline and automate internal processes, which will improve customer satisfaction.

We also continue the digital transition of the corporate banking business. This includes the digitalisation of selected products (e.g. elimination of paper documentation), further improvement of the mCompany Net application to address clients’ expectations, as well as automation and simplification of internal processes.

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