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Our objective is to provide an attractive offer to a wide range of clients while achieving business and financial goals. This is reflected in the development dynamics in particular areas: the non-mortgage loan portfolio for retail clients in 2019 increased by 17.4% at mBank compared to 5.0% for the sector (based on NBP comparable data). Market share in the mortgage loans segment increased to 7.3% throughout the year.

The market position and shares of mBank and selected subsidiaries at the end of periods are illustrated in the following table:

Source: Own calculations based on data from mBank, NBP, WSE, Česká národní banka (ČNB), Národná banka Slovenska (NBS), Fitch Polska, Polish Factors Association, Polish Leasing Association, press reports.

1 mBank Group ratios calculated as defined in chapter 6. Financial position of mBank Group and mBank in 2019, except for Net Interest Margin which was adjusted to sector calculation (net interest income divided by average total assets).

Sector data as at December 31, 2019 (released on February 14, 2020). Sector ratios calculated based on the monthly data of banking sector published by PFSA (banking sector together with branches of credit institutions).

Net interest margin: net interest income divided by average total assets (calculated based on the end-of-month data)

Cost/Income ratio (incl. banking tax): total costs (sum of administration costs and depreciation) divided by net total operating income.

Return on assets: profit for the year divided by average total assets (calculated based on the end-of-month data)

Return on equity: profit for the year divided by average total equity (calculated based on the end-of-month data)

Loan to deposit ratio: sum of loans and advances at amortised cost, loans and advances/other receivables at fair value through other comprehensive income and loans and advances/other receivables designated at fair value through profit or loss divided by deposits (measured at amortised cost) as of the end of period.

2 2017 market share updated compared to value presented in the Management Board Report on Performance of mBank S.A. Group in 2017 due to update of data by the Polish Factors Association.

3 Data as at November 2019

4 Excluding “road bonds” issued by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (BGK).

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