Since its beginings, mBank sets a path for changes and innovativeness in the banking sector. We have been the first internet-only bank in Poland. We have been effectively implementing the strategy which allows us to maintain the leading role in mobile banking. We provide customers with the possibility of managing their finances wherever they are.

mBank shares have been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) since 1992. mBank shares are included in the indexes such as WIG20, WIG-Banks and WIG-ESG.

Bank in numbers

Business segments

Retail operations in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Service for individual clients and microenterprises, constantly improved with new solutions.

Number of clients: 5.6 M

Number of branches: 1801

Increase in loans excluding FX effect: 13.4%

Increase in deposits: 17.8%

1 Including 143 branches in Poland and 37 in Foreign Branches, without mKiosks and mFinanse outlets.

Supporting the development of SMEs and corporates based on the bank’s many years of experience in providing services to enterprises.

Number of clients: 26.5 thous.

Number of branches: 46

Increase in loans excluding FX effect: 8.3%

Increase in deposits: 9.6%2

2 Excluding repo/sell-buy-back transactions.

Services on behalf of clients and mBank, including sales of financial products, liquidity management, mBank balance sheet management, interest rate risk and custody services.

IRS / FRA market share: 15.1%

Market share of  Treasury bills and bonds: 11.3%

Mid-term bank debt market share: 23.8%

Market shares as of the end of November 2019


Financial and operating leasing of cars, trucks, machines and real estate.


Domestic and export factoring with and without recourse, as well as import guarantees.


An open platform for the sale of financial services: loans, accounts, insurance, investment and savings products.

mBank Hipoteczny                         

Covered bonds issue and commercial real estate market analysis



prac prac

FTEs in
mBank Group


training hours per employee annually


employees engagement ratio

Mobile banking at its best

1.9 million

mobile application users

>1 million

clients using BLIK payments


travel insurance policies sold via mobile app


of cash loans sold via mobile app


Development of credit API for e-commerce and a role of Third Party Provider (TTP)


Leasing payment service for e-commerce

mBank on Warsaw Stock Exchange

PLN 16.5 billion

(EUR 3.9 billion) capitalisation


Fitch Rating


Standard & Poor’s Rating

low risk

Sustainalytics ESG Rating

mBank Group

The subsidiaries of mBank Group offer a complex service for the customers and allow for processes optimisation and achieving various business targets. The structure of mBank Group from the perspective of segments and business areas is presented below:

Segment Retail Banking Corporates and Financial Markets
Corporate and Investment Banking Financial markets
  • Retail customers, Private Banking clients and microenterprises
  • Affluent retail customers (Private Banking and Wealth Management)
  • Corporations and non-banking financial institutions (K1)
  • Large Companies (K2)
  • Small and Medium Enterprises (K3)
  • Banks
  • Corporate clients in scope of trading and sales
  • Market and Liquidity Risk Management
Consolidated subsidiaries
  • mLeasing Sp. z o.o. –Retail
  • Asekum Sp. z o.o.1 – Retail
  • LeaseLink Sp. z o.o.1 – Retail
  • mBank Hipoteczny S.A. – Retail
  • mFinanse S.A.
  • mLeasing Sp. z o.o. – Corporate
  • Asekum Sp. z o.o.1 – Corporate
  • mBank Hipoteczny S.A. – Corporate
  • mFaktoring S.A.
  • Garbary Sp. z o.o.
  • Tele-Tech Investment Sp. z o.o.
  • mFinance France S.A (special purpose entity reserved for financing activities of the bank)
  • mLeasing Sp. z o.o. within the scope related to fund raising
  • mBank Hipoteczny S.A. – within the scope related to fund raising

1 mBank owns 100% shares in Asekum Sp. z o.o. and LeaseLink Sp. z o.o. indirectly, through mLeasing Sp. z o.o.

The key events regarding the structure of mBank Group in 2019 comprise the acquisition of 100% shares in LeaseLink by mLeasing. The transaction, concluded on March 8, 2019, supplements the Group’s competences with activities in the fintech sector. LeaseLink specializes in financing the purchases of entrepreneurs made in e-shops and stationary outlets, which strengthens the Group’s position in financing small and medium-sized enterprises. Financial result of mLeasing includes the result of LeaseLink Sp. z o.o. owing to its full consolidation.

In December 2019, the liquidation procedure of mCentrum Operacji (mCO) was completed. As a result, the company was removed from the National Court Register (KRS). Liquidation of mCO results from organizational changes which were conducted at mBank Group in 2018. They included the integration of operational activities previously carried out by mCO with the bank, while the processes with the highest automation potential were transferred, as part of the sale transaction of an organized part of the enterprise, to Digital Teammates S.A. (DTM). The majority shareholder of DTM is the Future Tech FIZ fund, established under the mAccelerator project.

On November 7, 2019, as part of mBank Group’s plan to withdraw from real estate operations and focus on its key activities in the financial sector, mBank S.A. signed with Archicom Polska S.A. („Archicom Polska”) a preliminary agreement on the sale of shares of BDH Development Sp. z o.o. („BDH”). The conclusion of the final agreement on the sale of shares will take place after all the conditions precedent have been met in the form of the sale by BDH of shares held in CSK Sp. z o.o. (condition met), registration of the reduction of BDH’s share capital related to the redemption of shares by the registry court and the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection’s consent to the concentration consisting in the acquisition of control over BDH by Archicom Polska.

mBank Group (including consolidated subsidiaries) as at the end of 2019 was composed as presented on the diagram below.

mBank_schemat_spolki_EN_v4-01 mBank_schemat_spolki_EN_v4-01

Key Subsidiaries of mBank Group from the perspective of client offer

  • the longest track record of issuing covered bonds on the Polish capital market
  • ensuring the stable, long-term and safe funding of the Group with the use of pooling model in co-operation with mBank
  • improving stability and diversification of mBank Group funding through raising long-term funding in form of mortgage covered bonds in PLN and FX
  • analysis and advisory services addressed to investors and entities active on the commercial real property market
  • rating of Moody’s Investor Services: Aa3 – the highest possible to obtain rating for the financial instruments issued in Poland
  • offer including leasing, loans, car fleet rental and management for both corporate clients and individuals
  • various leasing products in corporate segment, including lease of private and commercial cars, heavy transport vehicles, car fleet management, lease of machines and equipment, real property lease
  • in the retail segment the subsidiary operates the “Leasing in Retail” programme addressed to micro-enterprises and SMEs, which can sign lease contracts using dedicated lease processes
  • leasing as a payment method for e-commerce offered by LeaseLink
  • fifth position on the Polish factoring market among the members of the Polish Factors Association – rise by 1 position compared to 2018
  • financing of ongoing business operations, receivables management, credit protection, maintenance of debtors’ settlement accounts and enforcement of receivables; the offer includes also domestic and export factoring with recourse and credit protection, as well as import guarantees
  • mFaktoring’s offer available in all mBank branches providing services to SMEs and corporations in Poland
  • intermediary operations as an open platform for selling financial products of various institutions, including mBank
  • the offer includes loans, accounts, insurances for both individuals and companies
  • offer of 13 financial entities in more than 210 outlets across Poland

Distribution network

mBank offers its services not only in Poland, but also in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The leading role of mobile and internet banking provider is supplemented by comprehensive service in the branches. Retail branches network covers 353 various outlets whereas corporate network comprises 46 points of service, additionally supplemented by branches of mBank Group subsidiaries. We continue to expand our branches network in order to maximize comfort of cooperation with the clients. When contacting the consultants in the branches, clients can not only use products and services of mBank Group, but also install and learn to use mobile and internet banking.

plac plac
mBank_schemtat_placowki_EN-01 mBank_schemtat_placowki_EN-01

Retail network:

  • 89 mBank branches
  • 40 light branches
  • 14 advisory centres
  • 166 mKiosks
  • 44 Financial centres and agency service points of mFinanse

Corporate branches:

  • 30 corporate branches
  • 16 corporate offices
  • 11 financial centres and light branches
  • 17 mKiosks
  • 4 financial centres and light branches
  • 5 mKiosks
  • Traditional branches- complex product and cash service.
  • Financial centres and agency service points of mFinanse – comprehensive portfolio of more sophisticated financial products, such as mortgage loans and corporate funding.
  • Advisory centres – idividual and corporate clients service, possibility to use the services of mBank Group’s subsidiaries, including Wealth Management.
  • Light branches – basic financial products and cash services up to defined limits.
  • mKiosks located in the shopping malls – possibility to familiarize with mBank’s offer, open an account and draw non-mortgage loan.

Bearing in mind comfort of our clients and best availability of our services, in 2019 we opened 32 new points of contact within retail banking network, marking mBank’s availability in smaller towns. We are the only big commercial bank in Poland expanding its physical branch network. This decision results mainly from the strategy of organic growth and a remarkable potential that we see in the direct contact with our current and potential clients.

mBank’s Authorities

As of December 31, 2019, the Supervisory Board of mBank was composed as follows:

  1. Maciej Leśny – Chairman of the Supervisory Board
  2. Stephan Engels – Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board – resigned as of December 31, 2019
  3. Tomasz Bieske – Member of the Supervisory Board
  4. Marcus Chromik – Member of the Supervisory Board
  5. Mirosław Godlewski – Member of the Supervisory Board
  6. Jörg Hessenmüller – Member of the Supervisory Board
  7. Gurjinder Singh Johal – Member of the Supervisory Board
  8. Michael Mandel – Member of the Supervisory Board
  9. Teresa Mokrysz – Member of the Supervisory Board
  10. Agnieszka Słomka-Gołębiowska – Member of the Supervisory Board.

There were several important changes in the Supervisory Board in 2019. On September 2, 2019, Janusz Fiszer, Member of the Supervisory Board and the Audit Committee, died. On September 19, 2019, Maciej Leśny, Chairman of the Bank’s Supervisory Board, received a letter of resignation from Andre Carls, who decided to resign as member of the Bank’s Supervisory Board and member of the Executive and Nomination Committee, Remuneration Committee and Audit Committee of the Bank’s Supervisory Board as of September 30, 2019. On December 5, 2019, Chairman of the Bank’s Supervisory Board, received a letter of resignation from Stephan Engels, who decided to resign as member of the Bank’s Supervisory Board and member of the Executive and Nomination Committee and Remuneration Committee of the Bank’s Supervisory Board as of December 31, 2019.

There were three independent members of the Supervisory Board as of December 31, 2019: Tomasz Bieske, Mirosław Godlewski and Agnieszka Słomka-Gołębiowska.

As of December 31, 2019, the Management Board of mBank was composed as follows:

  1. Cezary Stypułkowski – President of the Management Board, Chief Executive Officer
  2. Frank Bock – Vice-President of the Management Board, Head of Financial Markets
  3. Andreas Böger – Vice-President of the Management Board, Chief Financial Officer
  4. Krzysztof Dąbrowski – Vice-President of the Management Board, Head of Operations and Information Technology
  5. Lidia Jabłonowska-Luba – Vice-President of the Management Board, Chief Risk Officer
  6. Cezary Kocik – Vice-President of the Management Board, Head of Retail Banking

Adam Pers – Vice-President of the Management Board, Head of Corporate and Investment Banking

For more information on changes in the Management Board and Supervisory Board of mBank, see section Corporate governance application.

Detailed résumés of all members of mBank Supervisory Board and Management Board are available on our website.

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