The most innovative bank in Poland

Our efforts have been recognised by industry institutions. Banking Awards is a competition for banks from all over the world. In 2019 mBank won the award for the most innovative retail bank in Poland. The jury hailed mBank as a trendsetter in online and mobile banking in Poland. Our mobile app as well the broad range of mobile payment options (Google Pay, Apple Pay, and BLIK) were also appreciated. Moreover, we were recognised for our cooperation with fintechs in developing innovations, including ones addressed to retail clients.

Mobile app

In 2019 we continued to develop our mobile app. Throughout this time the app was updated 15 times, which shows that we are agile in introducing changes and responding to client expectations. The work on the app was focused mainly on improving its utility a well as communication and sales activities.

Despite numerous challenges connected with Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2), we introduced a number of improvements making the app even more user-friendly.

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The card details screen has been redesigned, enabling users to quickly find important information and take actions. In addition, users can now change their card PIN in the app.

When making a transfer to a new payee users can now save the payee’s details in the address book for quick future use.

A number of improvements useful to travellers and all those in need of currency exchange. The mKantor service has been enhanced to cover new currencies. At the same time, we redesigned the mKantor screens to make currency transactions even more intuitive to users. We also introduced a currency calculator converting amounts entered by clients in foreign currencies into PLN according to current exchange rates.

Clients can decide to include the following details in the transfer confirmation messages: transaction amount, payee and payer, merchant’s name (for card operations).

Clients are allowed to withdraw a part of their savings without cancelling the savings goal.

Clients can repeat payments to ZUS and the Tax Office selected from their account history. The new repeat option available in the operation details section automatically completes the details of a new transfer using the details of a selected previous transfer to ZUS or the Tax Office.

New, easy-to-read BLIK code screen designed in line with comments and suggestions from clients; it also paves the way for new BLIK services to be introduced soon (the “Request a transfer” service was launched in Q1 2020).

Enables SME clients to activate a factoring limit, register new invoices and repay debts.

A summary of a client’s finances.

At the end of 2019 the app had 1,894.7 thousand users, which accounts for more than 70% of active clients. This result makes mBank the leader in Polish banking. On average a client uses the app about 31 times a month. As many as 72.1% of all logins into mBank originate in the app. We sell 43.6% of travel insurance policies and 12.5% of cash loans in the app. Compared with 2018, the value of non-secured loans granted in the app grew by 102.4%.

1,894.7 thous.

app users

over 70%

active clients

31 times

average montly app uses by costumers


travel insurance policies

In March 2019 mBank app won the Mobile Trend Awards competition in the “Banking and Finance” category. At the same time, our app ranked fifth in the Forrester league table (“The Forrester Banking Wave™: European Mobile Apps”).

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