At mBank each client with a disability can count on customer service providing for their special needs. Each year we launch new initiatives to improve access of persons with disabilities to financial services.

In 2019 we implemented the following initiatives for the benefit of persons with disabilities:

  • We introduced the possibility of ordering documents in forms accessible to persons with special needs, in line with the amended Banking Law Act.
  • We cooperated with the Integration Foundation (Fundacja Integracja). Sixty mBank employees took part in workshops organised by the Foundation to share the knowledge gained with their co-workers.
  • Clients who consented to the processing of data concerning their disability are automatically redirected by the call centre to a qualified consultant. Clients with hearing disabilities are offered the option of video calls in the Polish Sign Language.
  • Clients can give their consent for the processing of data concerning their disability when contacting the call centre and, in special cases, when using our chat or video chat.
  • We continued our co-operation with the Polish Association of the Deaf, which provides sign language interpreting for clients and consultants at branches and via video chat. We also have solutions for deaf clients who do not know the Polish Sign Language. Once such clients consent to processing data concerning their disability, they may file their instructions via chat.
  • We supported partially and fully deaf youth from Special Education Centre No. 1 in Łódź.

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