At mBank, occupational health and safety management starts with a proper assessment of occupational risk. It is performed by occupational health and safety specialists in consultation with the bank’s employees. Every year, we analyse work accidents and update the risk analysis.

Occupational health and safety


We cannot allow our employees to be exposed to any health and safety hazards, which is why we implemented a comprehensive occupational health and safety management system covering the entire mBank Group. It is based on general provisions (Labour Code and regulations) and functions on the basis of the following rules:

  1. Involvement of the management and all the employees in shaping and implementing the occupational health and safety policy.
  2. Planning activities aimed at implementing the adopted occupational health and safety policy. Meetings of the Occupational Health and Safety Committee take place once a quarter.
  3. Creating conditions for implementing action plans: ensuring the budget for specific goals, identification of hazards and occupational risk assessment.
  4. Monitoring the implementation of plans and system operation and applying corrective and preventive measures, including: monitoring the occupational health and safety conditions and analysing reasons for accidents at work.
  5. Optimising the occupational health and safety management system through periodical reviews and checks of the company’s branches by an occupational health and safety specialist.
  6. Induction and periodical training in occupational health and safety, during which employees are informed about the possibility of refraining from work if their health or life is threatened.

On our intranet we added a tab dedicated to occupational health and safety. It contains contact data of specialists to whom we can report accidents or potential accidents.

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Occupational health and safety audits

We conduct an annual audit of our branches in terms of occupational health and safety. We inspect them with regards to safety and office work ergonomics, we check buildings, rooms, workstations and machines. Based on the acquired knowledge, we eliminate the identified hazards, deficiencies and irregularities in individual buildings. In 2019 we audited ca. 200 branches.

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