The remuneration principles are set forth in the Remuneration Policy of mBank S.A. The Policy was introduced, among others, in order to build high commitment of employees by providing them with a remuneration package that is adequate to the market and the input of work, retain top employees in the organisation and attract talented people through the internship and apprenticeship programmes.

The Policy also stipulates the principles guaranteeing the protection of rights and interests of bank clients and preventing conflicts of interest. The Management Board is responsible for the development, implementation and observance of the Policy. The Supervisory Board approves the document, consulting it with the Remuneration Committee, if in doubt. Employees holding managerial positions are also obliged to follow the Remuneration Policy for Employees Having a Material Impact on the Risk Profile of mBank S.A.

In addition to the Remuneration Policy, mBank applies the Remuneration Rules of mBank S.A. and the Rules for Awarding Bonuses to mBank S.A. Employees.

Ratio of basic salary of women to men (mBank) 2019 2018
senior management 77% 86%
middle management 82% 82%
other employees 75% 74%
Ratio of remuneration of women to men (mBank) 2019 2018
senior management 74% 86%
middle management 79% 78%
other employees 74% 72%

The presented structure of earnings is affected mainly by the fact that more women hold operational positions, while most managers are men. Initiatives taken at the bank aim at reducing the gender pay gap and promoting women. The solutions introduced should eliminate, in the long term, the gap between average remuneration of women and men. Over the last years we have observed a significant increase in the number of women in managerial positions. The gender gap has been reduced also in terms of senior management.

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