To reduce our direct impact on the climate, we measure and will gradually reduce our total carbon footprint.

We save water and energy, sort waste, and run educational campaigns for employees. We also promote sustainable growth among our partners.

Our objectives include:

  • reducing mBank’s carbon footprint,
  • reducing the consumption of electrical energy and natural gas,
  • reducing the environmental footprint of the car fleet,
  • saving water, paper, and office supplies in mBank’s head offices and branches,
  • recycling,
  • introducing a supplier selection and cooperation system incorporating ESG aspects.

Direct greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1):


4,211.39 t CO2e

in 2019

4,390.86 t CO2e

in 2018*

* data for 2018 have been updated (compared to the data presented in the mBank Annual Report 2018) with the consumption of gasoline and diesel fuel

Indirect greenhouse gas emissions from the generation of purchased and consumed electrical energy, steam, heat, and cooling (Scope 2):

11,210.61 t CO2e

in 2019

11,943.6 t CO2e

in 2018

In 2019 we consumed 33 208,03 MWh of energy from non-renewable sources, compared with 34 428,08 MWh in 2018.

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