New, „green” home of mBank

mBank Tower – a name chosen by the employees – is distinguished by numerous solutions minimalizing consumption of energy and our impact on environment, confirmed by the BREEAM certificate.

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Managing the bank during the COVID-19 pandemic

We enabled 85% of our employees to work remotely, quickly and smoothly. We preserved our excellent level of service and expanded the scope of services available through the Internet, including support measures for our clients.

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ESG during the pandemic

At mBank, we pay special attention to our commitment tied to climate and environment care. Due to that, we have set targets for mitigating both our indirect and direct impact on climate. To reduce our direct impact, we will measure and regularly reduce our total carbon footprint. We strive to reduce usage of energy and natural gas. We want to reduce the environmental impact of our car fleet. We save water, paper and office supplies in our headquarters and branches. We intend to introduce waste recovery. We have been working on implementation of a vendor selection and vendor relation system incorporating ESG themes. We will take steps to raise our partners’ awareness of sustainable development.

We choose empathy both in the relations with the employees and in the communication with the clients. On account of our knowledge, determination, experience and expertise of our employees, we create a unique organizational culture and retain the trust of our clients. We provide services and products to individual clients, SMEs and large corporations, but also to public sector entities, including local governments. Thanks to our social capital, new enterprises and social projects arise, as well as investment projects and infrastructure facilitations, which are beneficial to the society. We support valuable social imitatives and develop the activity of mBank’s Foundation which is focused on programmes connected to education and promotion of mathematics.

ESG objectives are an integral part of our business strategy. We are guided by the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set for 2030. We create ESG-oriented work environment and educate our employees in this direction. We will promote innovations, entrepreneurship, responsibility, cooperation and diversity, i.e. attitudes consistent with the ESG objectives. We actively participate in consultations on ESG regulations and guidelines.

Financial results 2020

Lower net profit due to provisions for legal risk related to FX loans

Despite a number of challenges and unfavorable conditions mBank Group’s total income exceeded 5.8 billion PLN, a record-high.

Improvement of effectiveness measured by the C/I ratio to 41.1%

Operating results 2020

Non-financial indicators

Activities of mBank’s foundation are focused on programmes which support children and adolescents in learning mathematics. We allocated more than PLN 2.3 million to the realization of statutory objectives of mFundacja in 2020.

All members of Supervisory Board have the knowledge, expertise and skills necessary for performing entrusted functions. On account of excellent professional competence, extensive expertise and professionalism, they oversee the activities of the company in a sufficient and adequate way.

We support the green transition of the energy sector through, among others, financing of greenhouse gas reduction projects. We doubled the credit limit for financing renewable energy sources twice in 2020: in March to PLN 2 billion, and in December – to PLN 4 billion.

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