Our departments

Corporate Banking

We provide an entire financial service to SMBs companies and corporations –   running a current account, financing activity or advising the investment. We advise and we fulfil the needs of corporate clients at every stage of the development of their business. We have over 19 thousand of corporate clients and we do everything to that number constantly grows.

Retail banking

We support more than 5 million retail customers, to which we provide convenient access to finances online, with the help of mobile phones as well as networks of over 130 outlets stationary. Every day, we are developing products and services to enable customers profit of the bank services even easier, faster and safer.


We are engaged in the internal process, which is extremely important from the perspective of the bank. By identifying the potential risks of financial activity and management of it, to  provide the appropriate level of security and the viability of the bank.


MBank - the first online bank in Poland, an icon of mobility, we still want to be a leader in terms of technological solutions. Our IT projects and homegrown applications are build and develop precisely in the area of  the IT departments.

Contact Center.

The mBank’s Contact Center deal with broadly defined customer service – which explain offers or help in the implementation of everyday banking issues. Customers can speak with them not only by the use of mobile  phone, but also with the help of chat, e-mail or by video with the bank’s expert .

Other areas

The Bank is not only a retail, a corporate and a Call Center. It is a number of auxiliary departments such as marketing, HR, accounting or PR. In our team you will find experts from many fields as well as you can find here people starting their career .. Do you want to join us? Sign up for the newsletter and check regularly our job offers.