Announcement about foreign payments made to beneficiaries holding bank accounts with Sudostroitelnyj Bank in Moscow

In light of the deteriorating economic conditions in Russia and the increased risk to the outlook for economic growth in Russia, the Rating Agency Standard & Poor's (S & P) downgraded last long- and short-term ratings for the bank Sudostroitelnyj Bank of Moscow to the level of 'B-/C'.

Therefore, mBank S.A. would like to pay your attention to execution of foreign payments to beneficiaries holding accounts with  Sudostroitelnyj Bank in Moscow (BIC- SUDORUMM).

At the present situation and the difficulties of the given bank's financial liquidity, executing of such a foreign payment may result in:
- delays in executing or suspension the payment both at the intermediary banks as well as at the beneficiary’s bank,
- returning the payment at the initiative of intermediary banks or the beneficiary’s bank.

Please be prudent when executing your liabilities towards beneficiaries holding accounts with this bank.

Kindest regards,
Transactional Banking Department



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