Changes concerning the service of bank statements for Customers

Dear Sir or Madam,

We kindly inform you that as of 27 July 2015 mBank will introduce changes concerning the service of bank statements for Customers. We are planning to make a new bank statement template available characterised by more ergonomic graphic design and implement two new functionalities in the scope of making bank statements available in the mBank CompanyNet system.

The aim of the above changes is to:
•    reduce the number of pages generated owing to effective use of space in a bank statement;
•    increase legibility of bank statements through distinguishing important information contained therein, such as initial and final balance;
•    make independent selection of bank statement format possible in mBank CompanyNet by the users entitled to download bank statements and having access to the “Customer Preferences” tab  (change of the bank statement format to HTML or PDF can be made in the “Statement Formats” window by opening the “My Company” > “Preferences” tab, and then selecting the “Change Statement Formats” action);
•    extend the time of availability of archival bank statements in mBank CompanyNet up to 6 months (applies to bank statements generated after 27 July 2015).
Please be informed that the scope of data that have been provided in bank statements so far will not change.

We hope that introduction of the aforementioned changes will improve and facilitate your work with mBank bank statements.

Yours faithfully,
Transactional Banking Department


SME and Corporates


mBank, MSP