We would like to warn you against making high-value transfers on the basis of fake invoices or fake payment orders

Pursuant to the information submitted by the Polish Bank Association, an increased number of frauds has been observed in the last weeks throughout Europe. Criminals impersonating decision-makers of companies contact the operational employees of the companies and, by phone or e-mail, order urgent, high-value transfers. Funds obtained under false pretences are immediately transferred abroad.


In the light of the above, mBank and the Banks’ Security Council of the Polish Bank Association would like to remind you of the following:
- every company should periodically verify the level of authorisations and restrictions of persons authorised to make financial transactions on their behalf;
- high-value payment orders should be authorised by another person, a supervisor or someone who is not reporting to the person ordering the transfer (the so-called “double check” authorisation),
- payment orders made based on a phone call pose very high risk of the orderer impersonating someone from the company’s management,
- e-mail instructions, especially concerning a high-value payment order, should be subject to additional verification; please remember that an e-mail address is not a confirmation of the sender’s identity, 
- in the case of ordering the execution of such a fraudulent transfer, the authorised person should immediately contact the bank and inform the law enforcement agencies. In such situations, time is of critical importance for taking up effective actions by the banks and the law enforcement agencies.




SME and Corporates