Merger of Alior Bank with the spun-off part of Bank BPH

Dear Sirs,

The legal merger between Alior Bank SA and the spun-off part of Bank BPH SA, covering its core business without mortgage loans and Investment Fund Companies, was completed on 4 November 2016. It means that payments which do not refer to the above-mentioned products are to be directed to the new SWIFT (BIC): ALBPPLPW, which belongs to Alior Bank SA.

Execution of a payment to the previous SWIFT code (BPHKPLPK), which belongs to the Bank BPH SA, may result in the following:

  • additional fees for the client,
  • delay in the execution of the payment,
  • return of the payment.

Please remain cautious about making payments to beneficiaries holding accounts with that bank and in the case of doubts about a valid SWIFT code, we suggest that you contact the recipient of the transfer.

Best regards,

Transactional Banking Department


SME and Corporates