Amendments to the “Regulations on providing credit risk bearing products”

From 31 January 2018, new products for enterprises and corporates will be included in our “Regulations on providing credit risk bearing products” .

The amendments do not require any actions to be taken by our clients.


The key changes


In Chapter VI (Trade Services and Trade Finance), new products have been added:

  • trade receivables discounting,
  • bill of exchange discounting,
  • payment of the debtor’s liabilities.


Groups of affiliates will have the possibility of using additional forms of financing:

  • overdraft facility (Umbrella Facility) - amendment to Chapter V (Loans),
  • Multi-product line (Multi-Product Umbrella Facility) - amendment to Chapter VII (Multi-Product Financing).


Other amendments are of organisational nature. We have extended, among other things, Chapter I (Definitions of Basic Terms Used in the Regulations).


The full list of changes and the new wording of the Regulations can be found at our website:


The amendments have been introduced in line with the provisions of Chapter XVII of the applicable Regulations. This chapter defines also the dates in which clients may submit written statements of non-approval of the amended Regulations.


SME and Corporates


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