Attention! Hackers are sending e-mails with malware

Dear Clients,


Please beware of fraudulent e-mails addressed to Corporate Clients.


In particular, beware of e-mails allegedly informing about:

1. Outstanding invoice or invoice details.

Fraudulent e-mails are often entitled: “order”, “urgent order”. Such an email includes an attachment, usually in the form of an Excel file (.xls) with a macro, which, when opened, leads to the installation of malware on the user’s device.

2. Details on the parcel sent via a courier company.

There have been cases where hackers claimed to be representatives of: DHL Express. Such an email includes a link, after clicking on which the user is asked to download a zip file. Opening the file leads to infecting the user’s device with malware.

The above types of e-mails generated by hackers are only examples. Hackers send various messages. Be careful when opening incoming e-mails, in particular when opening unexpected e-mails or when you do not know the sender. Viruses may present false data on banks’ login pages or display login pages that are confusingly similar to those of banks in order to phish user’s authentication data. How to guard against such risks?


mBank reminds:

If during logging in, the system behaves in an unusual way:

• the website crashes,

• “please wait”, “temporary maintenance break” messages appear, etc.

• the system does not accept the login data and you are asked to enter the ID and a token code again,

please contact the bank immediately.


Other symptoms which should make you suspicious:

• invalid messages and graphic elements are displayed on the login page (e.g. dated as of 2016)

• pictures and other graphic elements are not displayed,

• Call Center number has changed (Please note that Call Center numbers are always the same: 0 801 273 273, 22 6 273 273. It is worth saving these numbers in your contacts just now),

• the login screen is distorted or looks different than usual.

If you notice the above or any other suspicious activity, contact the bank immediately.


Kind regards, mBank Team


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