Information on new VAT accounts


As the Act introducing the split payment mechanism will enter into force soon, we opened VAT accounts for our clients. The accounts will remain inactive until 1 July 2018.
Any transfers made directly to the VAT accounts will be rejected. Please do not give the numbers of your VAT accounts to your counterparties. The split payment mechanism posts funds in the VAT account automatically.

The numbers of your VAT accounts can be found in mBank CompanyNet:

  • on the list of accounts;
  • in the details of your current and auxiliary accounts linked to the new VAT accounts.

The clients who do not have access to mBank CompanyNet have been notified about their VAT accounts by mail.

We have made available the following with the VAT accounts:

  • bank statements (for all VAT accounts),
  • MT940 (if any linked account receives MT940 reports).

Moreover, we have launched a website informing the clients of the forthcoming changes. It contains information on the split payment mechanism.


SME and Corporates