Do not let scammers steal your money!

Dear Client

We would like to warn you against a serious threat you may encounter in your daily work.

Do not let scammers steal your money!
Remember that any information about the alleged change in the number of an account you use to pay for goods/services should be confirmed by phone!

Scammers attempt to impersonate entities you cooperate with more and more often. This is why it is so important that you remain vigilant whenever you receive information that the number of your settlement account has been changed.

Such information is usually sent by e-mail (scammers impersonate your trusted counterparties). However, there have been cases where a fake account number was sent in a letter or directly on an invoice. Regardless of the source of information, do not transfer any money if you have doubts. Confirm whether the account number has been changed by phone or using another channel of communication. You may save your company from a scam.

We wish you safe transactions.


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