Don’t pay for paper-based orders—place them in the system for free

With the Administrator Centre, you can manage the mBank CompanyNet system easily and efficiently without having to contact your advisor. Your appointed Administrator will add new users and assign them relevant access levels in the system easily and quickly.
You won’t miss anything—the system will notify you of pending tasks.
At the same time, please remember that due to changes in the Tariff of banking fees and commissions of mBank for SME and Corporates, we will soon start charging fees for changes in mBank CompanyNet. The fees will apply to clients’ paper-based applications processed by the bank.

From 30 June 2019, we will charge a monthly fee of PLN 50 for:

  • Modifying permissions of each user
  • Adding each new user in each context

Fees will not be charged if you:

  • make changes in the system yourself as the Administrator
  • place a paper-based instruction to change permissions of an mPlatforma Walutowa user

Online is cheaper. If you want to find out more details or set up the Administrator Centre in mBank CompanyNet, contact your Advisor. 


SME and Corporates