Changes resulting from Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2)

mBank CompanyNet will soon be changed in accordance with the requirements laid down in the EU Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD 2).

From 12 September 2019:

  • user’s online access to the banking system will be terminated after five minutes of inactivity, which is shorter than before,
  • sensitive data will be masked.

What will change?

  • If you are inactive for five minutes after logging in, you will be logged out automatically and lose all unsaved data entered in mBank CompanyNet forms. To continue using the system, you must log in again.
  • In order to display sensitive data in their full extent in mBank CompanyNet, you will be required by the system to undergo additional authentication, just like in the case of authorising payment orders.

Why the changes?
The changes are made to comply with the requirements laid down in the Payment Services Act (implementing Directive (EU) 2015/2366 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 November 2015, i.e. PSD 2). The purpose is to improve the security of online banking systems.

Be assured that the methods we use to authenticate clients logging in to the online banking system meet the requirements of PSD 2.
Remember that we will stop issuing Visa Bonus Prepaid cards as of 14 September 2019. The cards issued prior to that date can be used as they have been so far until their expiry date (printed on the card), but not later than until 13 September 2022. Visa Bonus Prepaid cards will no longer be issued because they are magnetic stripe cards that require their holders to only sign the receipt when making POS transactions, which is not a sufficient protection within the meaning of PSD 2.
For more information on PSD 2, click here.


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