Model portfolios - asset management without devoting your own time for the investment process

Clients using the private banking & wealth management services at mBank may use one of the four model portfolios1 with a clearly diversified level of risk related to investing on the equity market.


Within the strategy of each portfolio, the manager may introduce changes decreasing or increasing the exposure to equity market, however the basic factor influencing the result is selection of instruments included in the portfolios.
The client, independently or in cooperation with an adviser, decides about dividing his funds between the four available portfolios:

  • Aggressive portfolio
  • Balanced portfolio
  • Stable growth portfolio
  • Conservative portfolio

Possibility of combining insurance protection with capital growth

Model portfolios are held in the form of insurance capital funds (UFK). These are investment funds combined with life insurance which allow joining insurance protection and capital growth. An advantage of an insurance policy is postponing the income tax payment for the duration of the investment.


All model portfolios are managed by one team and the choice of instruments is based on the same methodology. They differ with regard to the risk level depending on the involvement on the equity market.

1 the marketing name of the group life insurance with an insurance capital fund of an investment nature addressed to clients of mBank S.A.

Manager and results of model portfolios


Paweł Bogusz i Karol Matczak


COMPENSA Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń na życie S.A. Vienna Insurance Group


Gross profit

  1M 3M 12M 36M


+ 0,46%

+ 1,9%

+ 5,0%

+ 10,6%

Stable growth

+ 2,21%

+ 4,9%

+ 8,2%

+ 8,1%

Sustainable growth

+ 2,94%

+ 4,1%

+ 8,2%

+ 3,9%


+ 4,07%

+ 6,3%

+ 11,9%

- 3,4%



The presented investment results are historical results and do not guarantee that such results will be achieved in the future.
mBank provides services on the basis of an agreement concluded with a client regarding management of a financial instruments portfolio. The agreement defines, in particular, the risk factors which should be taken into account when choosing an investment strategy. The permit for brokerage activity has been granted to mBank by the Polish Securities and Exchange Commission (currently: the Polish Financial Supervision Authority).
Source: Own calculations of mBank. The gross return rate does not include the portfolio management fee. It is not guaranteed that the above results will be achieved in the future. The return rates are presented before the auditor’s analysis, therefore the final results may change.
Investing in financial instruments is connected with a risk of losing the invested capital in part or in whole.

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