Individual solutions regarding securing and transferring wealth in an optimal manner

Transfer of accumulated wealth to designated persons is not always easy, especially when we are dealing with high-value and diversified assets.

This is why we offer reliable solutions which allow you to secure accumulated wealth and transfer it in an optimal manner, without additional tax charges.


There are many reasons for the proper planning of transfer to successive generations, in particular when the investor:

  • intends to transfer the highest possible amount to indicated beneficiaries with a minimum delay
  • wants to be sure that the wealth will be divided at his discretion and that the needs of every beneficiary will be met.


In cooperation with external partners, mBank offers reliable solutions that assure the achievement of goals in this respect.

Succession process

Preparatory stage:

- Succession audit - analysis of the client’s and his/her family’s initial situation in case of unexpected random events, including the death of the company’s owner. As a result of the audit, a succession report is drawn up with the aim of identifying the legal risk connected with the occurrence of such events and determining further actions to be taken.

- Legal and tax audit -  identification of possible threats, increasing security and efficiency of the company.

Implementation stage:

- creating the succession plan, last will and testament, domestic partnership property agreement or a family constitution

- changing the legal form of the business activity carried on, establishing special function vehicles or private foundations

- taking actions aiming at selling the company (if necessary)

Post-implementation stage:

- liquid asset management

ongoing legal, tax and accounting advisory services

- coordinating relationships with banks and administrators of companies in foreign jurisdictions in which assets were deposited

- financial and business due dilligence, i.e. analysis of the entities’ standing for the purpose of financing, selling or acquisition

- analysis of benefits and value drivers of businesses and companies

Benefits of the succession process:

- increasing asset protection

- protecting the family’s interest

- ensuring continuity of the family business

- regulating family and business relationships

- reorganising the structure of the business activity

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