mBank CompanyNet platform security

The mBank CompanyNet platform guarantees top security level thanks to the use of tokens and qualified certificates. Confidentiality of information sent is ensured by means of TLS protocol with a 128-bit key. The transmission of data is performed directly with mBank’s servers, without the use of proxy servers. The session of Internet banking operations is automatically closed if the user is inactive for a specified period of time.

Regardless of the above, mBank would like to kindly ask the CompanyNet platform users to comply with the following principles of security:

  • in order to log in to the CompanyNet platform, please use only the link provided on the official website of mBank at or enter the address of the CompanyNet Internet banking system directly in your Internet browser:
  • after opening the CompanyNet platform site, you need to verify its address ( as well as its certificates. The address should start with https:// and there should be a lock in the browser window, which means an encrypted connection. The certificate should be issued for mBank. Detailed instructions for certificate verification are available on the website: verify the certificate
  • when logging in to the CompanyNet platform, you should only use the ID assigned by mBank and a password from a token or a certificate. More information about the ID, token and certificate can be found on the website ID, Token and certificate 
  • mBank never asks for confidential data, in particular for the PIN code to the token or any codes used to log in to the CompanyNet platform.
  • mBank never sends its clients e-mails containing a link to the CompanyNet platform.
  • in the case of receiving an e-mail with a link to the mBank Internet banking system, please report this fact to the Contact center
  • The basic principles of security of the appliances used to communicate with the CompanyNet platform should be observed

In the case of questions connected with the security or functionality of CompanyNet or CompanyMobile, we encourage you to contact the Contact center.


  Download the On-line security decalogue