Growth fuelled by our clients - new strategy for 2020-2023

In December 2019, we adopted the new Strategy of mBank Group for 2020-2023 titled "Growth fuelled by our clients". It was developed as our response to the current changes in the market and regulatory environment and the expected trends in the future.

We took into account, among others, economic prospects, technological progress, evolution of consumer behaviour and expectations, local constraints as well as internal conditions. Building upon the experience gathered during the implementation of the previous strategy, we confirm that mBank Group’s mission and values continue to be valid under the new plan.

The macroeconomic and regulatory environment in Europe is becoming increasingly demanding for the banking sector. Although Poland remains the leader of economic growth and the central bank keeps positive interest rates, GDP growth in subsequent years will be lower than in the past. In the long run, the challenge will be also an ageing population. In addition, banks is also subject to competitive pressure from the so-called fintechs. These entities are characterised by light structures, innovativeness and the use of new technologies. At the same time, they are subject to less regulatory rigour, which makes it easier for them to compete with traditional banks in terms of selected products and services.

The threat may be also technological giants from the United States and China, i.e. the so-called GAFA (American Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) and BAT (Chinese Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent). They have an access to unique data in real time and a huge base of potential customers as well as the ability to deal with large volumes of information. This gives the opportunity to analyse and assess the creditworthiness of individuals and companies, which until recently was a competence reserved for banks. It shows that the financial market will undergo an intensifying transformation

In the strategy for 2020-2023, we will focus on 4 areas, corresponding to the key components of its business model:


As a bank, we will be growing organically by constant attracting new clients (especially young and firms) and strengthening our position in the 30-45 age group. We will improve the retention of individual customers by developing products that anchor them in the bank at particular stages of their life cycle. In the corporate segment, we will shape our customer portfolio by anticipating trends and changes in the market environment, while maintaining a high diversification of exposures. We will expand our knowledge of customers in order to more precisely identify and satisfy their needs by constructing a personalised offer. In pursuance of the assumptions of empathy, we will communicate with our clients in an understandable way and distinguish ourselves by the transparency of the offer, including our pricing policy.

We will be constantly improving remote bank access channels and promote digital self-service. We will give the leading role to the mobile application, which will have the same scope of functionality as the Internet banking service, while contact center and outlets will play a supportive role. We will be developing the retail platform by supplementing it with value-added services and the offer of selected partners, including non-financial ones. Focused on providing convenience, ease and speed of use, we will build the best digital banking for corporations in Poland.

We will maintain the technological advantage in the financial sector. We will rely on agile interdisciplinary teams to design and deliver end-to-end solutions. We will modify IT architecture using industry best practices. We will increase the digital self-service of our customers while optimising our sales network. We will improve the operational efficiency of mBank by implementing automation on a large scale and simplifying processes.

We will ensure that the work environment and its organisation in mBank Group will foster efficiency, cooperation, high engagement and the creation of innovative solutions. We want to make managers think outside the box and inspire development, and employees who seek new solutions and take care of our clients. We will use technology to relieve employees from routine tasks and implement automated tools to facilitate compliance with regulations.

For the first time, the ESG/CSR strategy has also become an integral part of the document. As mBank Group, we intend to conduct our business in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. We want to educate, take care of the climate and the environment and promote prosperity. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are global sustainability targets set by the United Nations to be achieved by 2030, were our guidelines in formulating them.

Our activities in the CSR area will be centered around 3 aspects:

We want to help developing mathematical skills of children and adolescents. We trust that such knowledge affects a high level of competence in adult life and facilitates a good start in professional career. Mathematical thinking also helps in decision-making on personal finance issues. We believe that everyone, regardless of their place of residence and origin, should have equal access to quality education. Through the activities of mFundacja, we will continue to strive to equalize opportunities for students, irrespective of their stage of education and place of living. We will organize national competitions and grant programs.

We want to provide the users with knowledge on how to safely use internet and mobile banking as well as make our clients aware of cybercrime threats. For this purpose, we will continue with our social campaigns, informing how to avoid the unwanted consequences of the online activities and protect the finances.

We want to encourage the behaviours that help to stop and reverse adverse climate and environmental changes. We will pursue an active credit policy towards clients who seek financing for pro-ecological industrial, infrastructural and housing investments, including special programs directed to renewable energy sources and issue of green bonds. We will implement investment strategies in instruments based on ESG analysis and offer product solutions that build the pro-environmental awareness of consumers. We will implement credit policy for industries relevant to EU climate policy and strive for further presence in the WIG-ESG index.

We will measure and gradually reduce our total carbon footprint. We will limit electricity and energy consumption, thanks to progressive replacement of the current equipment with more modern ones, introduction of innovative solutions in our buildings, use of office space in energy-efficient buildings with high thermal insulation parameters. We will save water and sensitize employees to the need for rational use of it. We will reduce the use of paper and office supplies, modifying business processes in order to further digitize documents. We plan to successively replace our car fleet with low-emission vehicles, and take care of their regular service and technical condition. We will establish a supplier selection and cooperation system that takes ESG aspects into account.

We are a signatory to the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact. In accordance with them, we want to grow in a sustainable manner, make the world a better place and contribute to the prosperity of our stakeholders: customers, employees, investors, partners and the society.

Investment in health serves the achievement of this goal. Therefore we will continue our cooperation with the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, which has been providing hospitals and clinics with modern medical equipment for 28 years. We want to conduct inclusive banking and be accessible to customers with disabilities. We have introduced a service for people with hearing impairments in sign language. We will adjust mBank’s transactional services to the needs of visually impaired people. Our outlets and headquarters will be adapted for people with reduced mobility. We speak about our products and services using clear and simple language in accordance with mKanon. We will be guided by ethical values in our dealings with the customers. We also want to promote equality and diversity in our organisation, assisting development of women and eliminating pay inequalities in the same positions. We will carry out activities that support women entrepreneurs.

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