Value creation process

Find out how we create value at mBank Group 


Our environment and outlook

See how our macroeconomic, regulatory and market environment impacts mBank Group’s operations and what we can expect in 2017


Our main risks

Discover mBank Group’s main risks and find out how we manage them


Competitive advantages

Over the past years Bank Group developed a range of competitive strenghts, which enable the organisation to take advantage of growth opportunities and successfully achieve its strategic objectives.


Financial position

Summary of financial position of mBank Group.


Our stakeholders

See the list of our main stakeholders.


Current and future trends and mBank’s positioning

The trends we focused on during the creation of the new Strategy are the client era, the mobility era and the efficiency era.


"mobile Bank" Strategy

Discover the new mBank Group’s Strategy


Educational activities

Through the activities of the mFoundation we want to promote mathematics as an interesting field that helps in achieving professional success and is important to the economic development of the country.


Online security

In a non-standard manner mBank educates all Internet users on basic security principles while online.


Interactive KPIs